Annual Educators Workshop

April 20-22, 2017

Official Start: Thursday, April 20, 8:20am

Official End: Saturday, April 22, 1:00pm

Please plan to stay for the entire workshop!

Dear Heads of Schools & Workshop Attendees:

It is that time of year again when we give and receive information to help us all prepare for the annual Delphi Schools, Inc. Educators Workshop. Information you'll need (or need to send us) can be found below, including what to bring, deadlines and what needs to be prepared before arriving.

Registration should be completed by each Head (or his/her designee) for everyone from their school who will be attending the workshop. Attendees do not register themselves separately. However, all those attending should be given access to this workshop information page.

Register ASAP but at least 30 days prior to your arrival. Early registration helps us prepare for the arrival of all attendees. This is especially important for schools who are requesting lodging at the school.

There are no workshop fees or meal costs to participants from Thursday through dinner on Saturday. We ask that guests using our Sage Dining Services at any other time consider $8/meal/person with payment to the Delphian School: Attention Finance Director.

Register All Those Attending

Workshop Information

Agenda, Schedule & Dress Code

This information will orient you to the basic plan. Feel free to print this and bring it with you.

Click here to download the official agenda.

Please wear your name tags each day of the conference. This is particularly important for those who arrive early or stay late.

A note on scheduling personal meetings with DSI: There will be a change this year with school meetings not occurring routinely. The Head of School will be contacted by anyone from DSI wishing to schedule a meeting. If you have not been contacted and wish to arrange a meeting with someone from DSI, contact them directly.

Thursday (Business Dress or Business Casual)

7:45–8:20 Breakfast Provided (Dining Room)

8:20-9:10 School tour--meet in school Reception (OR)
8:30-9:10 Mix 'n Mingle Coffee & Tea (Larson Hall)

9:15 Workshop Begins (Larson Hall)

12:00–1:00 Lunch (Dining Room)

1:00-5:00 Workshop

5:00 Dinner (Dining Room)

6:00-6:45 Dessert Reception at White House (near the playground).

Friday (Business Dress through dinner)

7:45–8:30 Breakfast Provided (Dining Room)

8:15-8:30 Mix 'N Mingle Coffee & Tea (Larson Hall)

8:30-12:00 Workshop (Larson Hall)

12:00-1:00 Lunch (Dining Room)

12:40-1:00 Photos for Heads with students at Delphian (steps to main entrance)

1:00-1:20 Delphian Student Music Performance (Chapel)

1:30-5:00 Workshop

5:00pm Dinner (Dining Room)

7:30-9:30 Student Activity--Friday Night Performance (Little Theater)

Saturday (Travel Casual)

8:30-9:00am Breakfast Provided (Larson Hall)

9:00-12:00 Workshop (Larson Hall)

12:00 Lunch (Larson Hall)

1:00pm Official End of Workshop

1:15-5:00pm Free time!


Three meals a day will be provided by Delphian's professional dining service, Sage Dining. At Larson Hall you will find coffee, tea and water available throughout the day. Expect to find the traditional morning "goodies" in the middle of the morning (instead of right after breakfast), as well as the usual afternoon refreshments on Thursday and Friday.

Those staying after 1:30 on Saturday can find snacks near the dining room...especially if you find them before the teenagers do! Good Luck.

Meal schedule for those who will be on campus outside of the official workshop days:


10:00-11:00 brunch

5:00-6:00 dinner


7:45-8:30 breakfast

12:00-1:00 lunch

5:15-6:15 dinner

Contacting DSI & Individual Meetings

To send e-mails to DSI (Delphi Schools, Inc.) or the Delphian School staff, type the person’s first name, then the first letter of the last name, followed by Example:

To telephone, call (503) 843-3521.

For individual meetings with DSI, Delphian and DelphiNet staff, contact them directly to arrange a meeting time. Times usually available are:

Wednesday: Throughout the day for early arrivers

Thursday: 6:45-7:30pm and 7:30-8:15pm

Friday: 7:00–7:30pm and 7:30–8:00pm

Here are some names and post titles that might be most useful to attendees. Alternatively, you can call the school to find out who is currently holding what post.

Greg Ott, Executive Director
Butch Nosko, Dir. Corporate Affairs
Jeanne McKevitt, Dir. of Finance
Pris Alabaster, Workshop Guest Services

Trevor Ott, Headmaster
Alan Rothe, Curriculum Director
Mark Siegel, Assistant HM
Heather Kertchem, Deputy Curriculum Dir.
Rosemary Didear, Head of Development
Julie Nosko, Business Manager
Jeanne McKevitt, Dir. of Finance
Stirling Hepburn, Technology Director
Kelly Hepburn, Dean
Judi Glenski, Dean: LS, ES, MS
Kori Curry, Co-Curricular
Linnea Silver, Head of Standards
Marti Wiggins, Head of Advancement
Thomas Keough, Director of Admissions
Melissa McPhail, Director of Marketing & Communications
April Ott, Director of Re-Enrollment
TK Wydro, Head of Public Contact

Your School Briefings

Each School Head gives a briefing about his or her school at the workshop. The briefing contents are decided by each School Head but should at least include the following:

1. Expansion and PR highlights and successful actions.

2. Establishment news and successful actions.

3. Major student wins, successful actions to speed student progress.

To stay on schedule, we ask that schools go no longer than 10 minutes in their briefings. The Delphian School will have 45 minutes allotted. Up to five minutes of your time can be used for any visual presentations you wish to show.

Sharing Your Goals and Major Targets:

As is customary, please come prepared to share on Saturday your school’s goals and major targets for the upcoming school year.

Presentation Do's and Don't's

Delphi Schools Policy: 7 March 07 "Presentations"

Powerpoint template from Workshop A/V Director

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs - Video (YouTube)

Outlining Presentations Hat

General Do's and Don't's:

1. Use nomenclature easily understood by those who might be new to the writings of L. Ron Hubbard or the Delphi ProgramTM.

2. To avoid misunderstandings of actual technologies and/or procedures, let the audience know of any specific reference material you use.

3. If using PowerPoint, Google Presentation, etc., avoid using lengthy quotes. Refer to the Presenter’s Toolbox section of this webpage to help make your presentation as effective as possible. Always thoroughly proof slides and quotes.

4. Avoid copyright infractions. (Permission from the owner is needed to use copyrighted music with your slides, or to hand out pages copied from books, etc.).

5. Keep within the time limit allotted for any briefings or presentations. This is important so we can do justice to all of the workshop plans. Drilling presentations helps to determine and adjust as needed.

6. For those who are giving a special presentation (i.e. a seminar or workshop), click on the “Presenter Toolbox” on this website for additional tools like how to put together a PowerPoint presentation, or tips from pros on the basics of giving presentations. Google has a Presentation format now which is easy to learn and it is the preferred presentation tool to use.

Requirements for Audio/Visual Aids

Increased efficiency has arrived with the advent of more tech-savvy heads of schools and more user-friendly A/V aids, as well as observing how other conferences deal with A/V presentations.As a result, there is no deadline to submit a workshop Audio/Visual presentation to DSI. Additionally, there is no longer a dedicated Audio/Visual Techie to run presentations; but there is always that volunteer in the audience to help save the day!

Presenters using A/V aids should know the following:

  • Bring your needed devices (i.e. iPad, iPod, computer). Please note that the iPad 1 (the first iPad released) will not work to give presentations.
  • Plan to hook up your device to the DSI-provided sound system and/or projector.
  • DSI will provide a DVD player and various cords to connect your Windows computer, Macbook, or iPad so that you can run your presentation from the podium.
  • If you have a special projector cable for your device, be sure to bring it with you.

These requirements apply to all presenters, local and visiting. Feel free to arrive early on Thursday morning to test your equipment with the provided sound/projecting equipment and cords.

Please send any A/V concerns, questions, or comments to

General & Campus Info FAQ

For assistance, contact the Educators Workshop Guest Services Coordinator (calls only, NO texts) to Priscilla at (503) 857-2650. Email:

Communications (and then some):

Cell reception: The best cell phone reception is likely outside in front of reception.

Wireless Internet Access: We offer wireless access for guests at Larson Hall.

Log-on: GuestAccess

Password: WelcometoDelphi

Should assistance be needed, ask or text Bill Perpelitt (503-376-9585).

Restrooms: There are public restrooms at Larson Hall (first and second floors) and in the reception area at the school.

The Gate: If you plan to be off campus, be sure to have the gate access code. You can ask any staff member or call Pris at (503) 857-2650.

Campus Activities: Near the dining room there is a bulletin board that will show what is happening on campus while you are here. Feel free to join student activities. If you see "Friday Night Performance" or FNP, you are encouraged to attend.

Travel Companion (Key Info)

Portland International Airport (PDX) is the airport most frequently used, and is about a 90-minute drive from the school. When making your departing flights, keep in mind that you’ll need to leave campus at least three hours ahead of your departure time. Try not to schedule any flight to leave Portland prior to 4:30pm on Saturday.

Directions from Portland International Airport (PDX):

Take Airport Drive to Interstate 205. Take 205 South and follow to Highway 84 West exit (towards Portland). Continue to Interstate 5 South (towards Salem), taking you through Portland. Continue south through Portland to Route 99W. Take 99W southwest to just before McMinnville, and follow Highway 18 toward Sheridan. Exit at Business Route 18 through Sheridan to Rock Creek Road, then right up Rock Creek Road one mile to the school's front gate.

When you arrive: Settle in. If needed, check in at Larson Hall or call for assistance as noted above.

By Wednesday, the official agendas will be available at Larson Hall and/or the school's reception area.

Packing Suggestions:

Pen and tablet for notes.

Your own presentation materials.

Laptop (highly recommended for all).

Layers of clothing for cool and possibly rainy weather.

To help with your packing, here is the Dress Code:

  • Thursday: business or business casual
  • Friday: business (dress-up)
  • Saturday: travel casual

For Assistance:

Pris Alabaster: Cell: 503-857-2650

Gate code: Call for code

Campus Wi-Fi Access:

At Larson Hall: ID: GuestAccess, PW: WelcometoDelphi

At the Main Building: Wireless ID/Access: DelphianWireless02, user ID: edconf2017, PW: WelcometoDelphi

At a campus house: Ask your house host and, in case needed, the additional PW is: godr@gons-20950


Lodging hosted by staff: While there are no guarantees that Delphian staff (who live on and off campus) can provide enough guest rooms to fulfill all requests, we will do our best to accommodate and in years past we've been able to fill all requests. Campus lodging notifications should be sent to everyone 2 weeks prior to the workshop.

Hosted guests should know that last-minute lodging arrangements have been known to happen, and while very rare, could require a host change or even securing a local hotel.

If special accommodations are required such as security (i.e. room door lock and/or safe, desk), off-campus arrangements should be made unless you have personally arranged with a Delphian staff member. The hotel at the Spirit Mountain Casino usually has such accommodations.

Local Lodging: Hotels and motels in Grand Ronde (location of the Casino hotel), Sheridan or McMinnville will be nearest to the school and are easy to find on-line.

Click here for places to stay off campus.

Off-Campus Activities & Dining

Starbucks Coffee: The nearest Starbucks is located at the Casino, about l5 minutes from Delphi (45 minutes in covered wagon). Casino directions are below. A drive-thru Starbucks is located in the Albertson's Shopping plaza in McMinnville which is located soon after you drive into McMinnville heading north from the school.

Eating in Sheridan: Benny Huey's Chinese restaurant is in the area, as well as a grocery store.

Riot Cafe on Bridge Street offers fresh, local breakfast and lunch.

If you go a bit further on Bridge Street you’ll find a Mexican restaurant (Asabache) on the right. There is also a pizza place and a Subway on this same road.

In McMinnville: McMinnville is about a 25-minute drive in the direction of Portland.

McMenamins Pub, 310 NE Evans, Phone: (503) 472-8427

411: On 3rd Street in McMinnville

Golden Valley Brewery & Pub, 980 East Fourth St., Phone: (503) 472-2739

3rd Street Pizza, 433 E. 3rd St, Phone: (503) 434-5800. You can order and eat pizza while watching a movie. Call ahead for show times.

McMinnville Fine Dining:

Bistro Maison, 729 NE 3rd street ($$$) Phone: (503) 474-1888

Nick’s Italian Café, 521 NE 3rd St ($$$) Phone: (503) 434-4471

The Palmer House, 600 Ferry Street in Dayton, past McMinnville Phone: (503) 864-2995

Refer to the literature in reception for more eating options.

Toward the coast:

Wildwood Hotel Cafe in Willamina Phone: (503) 876-7100

Legends at Spirit Mountain Casino Phone: (503) 879-3900

Coyote Buffet at Spirit Mountain Casino Phone: (503) 879-3900

(Open 7-llpm, then l2:30am-5:30am for breakfast buffet for you night owls).

Recreation (including shopping)

  • Cinema 8 Theater: 2725 NE Tanger (across from the hospital in McMinnville, near a McDonalds) Phone: (503) 472-2627
  • Casino (Number one attraction in Oregon, sad to say!): Call for directions. It is about a l5-minute drive from Delphi toward the coast. Phone: (503) 879-3900
  • Evergreen Air (and Space) Museum in McMinnville. Home of the famous Spruce Goose and more. 9:00-5:00 daily. IMAX theatre and indoor water fun, too. Phone: (503) 472-9361
  • Many wineries and a brewery in Dundee, OR, Directions: From Highway 99W going through McMinnville toward Portland
  • Dallas Aquatic center (in case you want to exercise in a nice pool!), l005 SE LaCreole Drive, Dallas, 1-4, 6-9 Saturdays, General $4, adult $6. Dallas is about a 35 minute drive from Delphi, on the way to Salem. Phone: (503) 623-9715
  • Silver Falls, near Salem, beautiful water falls and nice hiking trails.
  • Saturday Market, Portland, near the waterfront, full of hand-made crafts, sidewalk entertainers, and all home-made food. There is a small Saturday Market in McMinnville too.
  • Factory Outlet Mall: Lincoln City at the Oregon Coast. See directions below.

Directions to points of interest near the school

McMinnville and Portland: 20 minutes from Delphi. Go to the bottom of Delphi’s drive way. Turn Right. Then drive until you are forced to turn. Then turn left and drive through Sheridan. Keep driving until you see signs to McMinnville. If you keep going you’ll end up in Portland, about an hour from McMinnville.

Sheridan: 5 minutes from Delphi: Go to the bottom of Delphi’s drive. Turn Right onto Rock Creek. When forced to turn, turn left. Sheridan will appear just about when it is time to blink.

Casino and Oregon coast/Lincoln City: l5 minutes and 40 minutes respectively. Go to the bottom of Delphi’s drive. Turn Right onto Rock Creek Road. Turn RIGHT when you are forced to decide. Drive through the town of Willamina. There is a sharp bend to the left (the grocery store is on the right). Continue around that bend. Drive until you arrive at a stop light. Follow the signs to Grand Ronde (to arrive at the Casino) and signs to Lincoln City to arrive at the beautiful Oregon beach. Lincoln City also has a Factory Outlet mall.

Salem and Dallas: Salem is about an hour away, Dallas is less. Go to the bottom of Delphi’s drive. Turn right onto Rock Creek Road. Then turn RIGHT again when you can’t go any further. Go through Willamina. There is a sharp bend to the left (grocery store is on the right). Take the bend. Go until you come to a light. Follow the signs to Salem. You’ll see signs to Dallas on the way.

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