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Delphian Prepares Rescue Animals for Winter
Delphian Prepares Rescue Animals for Winter

Delphian upper school students, Colin Koenig, Michael Sun, Robert Maslenikov and Vlad Kondrenko, volunteered at Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue to help prepare the stables for the horses and clean up the campus for the animals in preparation for this winter's cold weather.

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Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue's mission is to take in horses, livestock or other animals that have been neglected, abused, face slaughter or euthanasia. They take animals brought in by local law enforcement or owner surrender whenever they can. They provide the animals with proper veterinarian care, proper nutrition and on going handling.

The Delphian student volunteers spent their weekend doing lots of hard work to forward the shelter's mission. On Sunday, they prepared the floor of the stables with warm pads for the horses. Moved debris across the campus to improve the living space of the animals and made additional homes for the goats already on the shelter's campus.

Delphian School Delphian School

On Sunday, the Delphian student volunteers moved pallets of food into the barn to keep it dry and fresh for the animals. Assisted in building a larger enclosure for the horses to give them more freedom to move, they also helped build a new chicken coop and much more.

These students spent fifteen hours of their weekend on this project to ensure the animals would be warm and happy as the weather gets cooler. Delphian students have partnered with Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue on several projects from mucking out stalls to visiting with the animals. Delphian looks forward to helping with future projects as they come up.

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