Student service

ex•change: (noun) doing something for someone or giving something to someone and receiving something in return

In all parts of life, it is important to keep one's exchange with others well balanced. Giving too much to others without letting them do anything to give back to you can cause problems. Similarly, receiving too much without giving anything back will result in problems sooner or later.

Delphian expects all students to contribute to the school to help keep a balanced level of exchange. Contribution certainly includes participation in school projects, teams, clubs, and other activities. Other examples might include showing a new student around, providing some extra help to another, cleaning up after a dance or even volunteering for one of many community service activities the school performs.

But these chances to contribute may not happen every day. To help our students keep their exchange well balanced in all areas of their lives, Delphian has established a student service program.

As part of this program, students spend some time each weekday helping the school. Students may be asked to assist in the dining room each day, either preparing or cleaning up after meals; or they may be asked to contribute in the computer center, in the classrooms or in the library. Student service positions range from simple jobs such as sweeping or filing to more challenging projects involving larger groups and more responsibility.

Middle School students participate for 45 minutes a day, and Upper School students for 50 minutes. Student service time is planned so as to avoid interference with the students' academic programs.

On weekends, both Upper School and Middle School students participate in three hours of student service, helping with various projects around the school.

Student Council

Student council at Delphian is a large, active, student-run organization with several levels of membership. The Upper and Middle Schools have their own separate student councils.

Students are invited to join student council once they've shown a level of responsibility and production on their regular student service jobs.

Students participating in student council have their student council jobs as their student service due to the time involved in fulfilling their student council responsibilities.

Upper School student council members take positions as dorm captains. They work under the Director of Campus Life to ensure the dorms are run well and are maintained in good condition. Bathroom captains are likewise responsible for overseeing student cleaning crews in dorm bathrooms daily, with students assigned from their respective dorms on a rotating basis.

All on-campus weekend activities are planned and managed by members of student council in coordination with the Student Activities Director. Their jobs include planning, organizing, promoting, setting up, cleaning up and actually running the activities. Other jobs in student council might include fundraising for particular projects for the school, helping run the school's social media, making videos to assist the marketing department, promoting sporting events to students and staff, helping out at athletics games by running the concession stand or the scoreboard, helping to coordinate community service projects, and running tutoring activities in local schools.

Student council is an integral part of Delphian's Upper and Middle School residential programs. By participating in student council, students learn leadership skills and develop a sense of responsibility for their group and the community at large. Student council offers students insight into real world planning and organization and provides a venue for our students to practice and apply what they are learning in school each day.

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