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At Delphian School, we prepare students for life by helping them master their academics and gain the skills and abilities they need to go anywhere. It's a place where students get ready for the road ahead—where they ignite their curiosity and build their courage. Delphian School is a place where the next generation of entrepreneurs, scientists, humanitarians, artists, and explorers can grow and thrive—a place you have to see to believe. ABOUT OUR PROGRAM

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Good News From the Delphian Hill

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Form 6 Entry Completion - Intertwined and Customized

Form 6 Entry has contained some of the most useful material I have used and seen in my entire life of education.

  Middle School students make a massive impact

The Middle School students stepped up to the plate and made a massive impact during their field trip - they collectively repacked 8,277 pounds of food, which translates into 6,898 meals for families in need across Oregon.

Form 5 Completion - Romeo

Romeo completed Form 5 and graduated from Middle School to Upper School. His supervisor Nikki wrote him a poem.

Five talented singers chosen from thousands of applicants

Thousands of aspiring young vocalists auditioned for Oregon's All-State Choirs, and Delphian high school was represented with style.

First Place in Debate

The La Crosse Central Debate Team hosted the Jim Sauer Invitational Tournament at La Crosse Central virtually. 

Varsity Soccer Team is in Quarterfinals

Delphian's varsity soccer team has advanced to the state quarterfinals! They will play their next game against Riverdale this Saturday at 5 pm at Lewis & Clark College's Griswold Stadium.  

The Business Trip set to return in 2023

We're looking forward to the return of the Business Seminar Field Trip this March

The Equation for Certainty and Results

This fall, all Upper School students who had previously studied a course in L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology did a “refresher quiz.” These quizzes identified which study tools and skills students needed to restudy and practice to make their fall term a success.

The Memory Project 2023

The Memory Project gets its name from its first intention: to provide handmade, heartfelt portraits as special memories to children in orphanages. It works to promote intercultural understanding and kindness between children around the world.

Form 2 Student Writes Challenging Poem

Delphian's Form 1 and 2 poetry seminars are designed to introduce students to the joyous, powerful, and magical writing style that is poetry. 

Unlike other writing styles, poetry encourages students not to take writing too seriously as it welcomes the creative use of words and structure.

Debate Team at the State Championships

We had our entire team qualify for the second year in a row.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Serafina Early Learning Center

We recently broke ground on our early learning center which will open in 2023.

Career Interest Apprenticeship - Danshi

Alumna Margaux Delomez zoomed in to discuss the past and present conflict between Russia and Ukraine during a recent current events seminar.

Bookshelf on the Wall

As they finish a book, they add the book to their shelf. When it's full, they get a prize.

Asking the Tough Questions

Alumna Margaux Delomez zoomed in to discuss the past and present conflict between Russia and Ukraine during a recent current events seminar.

Tiny Costumes, Big Meaning

Senior student Angela made these miniature paper costumes as part of a recent research project she did studying traditional dress in China

Form 6 Entry Completion

This form was amazing. I learned a bunch of new things that I never thought that I would ever learn, got really into my program, and also got prepared for my next journey into form six.

Clean Dragon Game

Our resident students are currently playing a weekly Clean Dragon Game in which the dorms are competing for who has the cleanest room.

36 Books Read in a Single Afternoon

The ability to read with confidence and enjoyment provides the foundation for learning and literacy throughout the Delphian program. For this reason, Form 1 and 2 students read about 300 books during their journey to the Elementary School. 

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Delphian's hilltop campus is located just fifty miles south of Portland, Oregon on 720 acres of rolling hills, meadows, forest and farmlands which provides our students with a 24/7 learning environment.

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Margaux Delomez, 2010

Field Delegate with the International Committee of the Red Cross

"There is a specific sense of personal ethics, responsibility, teamwork, and specifically leadership that Delphian teaches, which other schools do not."

Christine Anderson , 2002

Farmer and Documentary Photographer

"Doing the Leadership course as a student gave me actual data and a method to move forward with the things I cared about productively."

Jem Schofield, 1990

Producer, Director, Educator, and Director of Photography
"From day one, Delphian encouraged and supported my interests."

Penda Osborne, 2017

Film and Television

"Delphian did a great job encouraging the idea of "you be you" and not letting yourself get talked out of that."

Sean Wiggins, 1982


"My forte, and I think Delphian had a lot to do with it, was to be able to go into my life very sure of myself. "

Emma Aaron, 2020

"I can now say that I am someone with integrity and someone who can get a product despite any challenge."

Roni Akilov, 2020

"The staff members look at us as young adults and not as children, and they treat us as if they were family relatives. They help us learn how to positively lead our own lives, they help us learn from our mistakes, they let us own our education, and they don't judge by what we want to do or be."

Rob Adams, 1991

Art Director for Bungie

"Life is a learning process that keeps going and doesn’t ever really slow down."

Venus Rey Jr., 1983

Classical Music Composer
“Believe that whatever you would love to do is possible."

Nigel Mincey, 2019

"I am forever grateful to Delphian, and everyone that makes this school what it is..."

Coral Kahane, 2010

Doctor in Pharmacy

"Don’t be scared of medical school."

Natalia Garcia, 2017

Fashion Designer

"An outstanding skill one obtains through the Delphian program is the ability to learn. I believe that ability alone can make one unstoppable."

James Clarizio, 2009


"Don't let what you know get in the way of what you don't know."

Stephanie Croman, 1991


"Humanitarian work is not the way to get rich or have a life of ease—but it is extremely purposeful and rewarding. So find your area of purpose and push that purpose forward with everything you’ve got."

Alejandro Olmos, 2017

Pre-Med Student 

“In a clear, direct, and tangible way, the communication courses at Delphian were the most valuable thing I learned.”

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