The Delphian School The Delphian School

Our Mission

To empower young adults to bring positive change in the world through reason, creativity and integrity.


Last day of summer classes
Summer students depart
Summer interns depart
Students arrive for school year
Orientation Day
First day of classes
Thanksgiving Day (no classes) HOLIDAY
Winter Break

Our Promise

At Delphian we promise to help you prepare yourself for learning and life.

Will participate in multiple apprenticeships, projects, or internships in their field of professional interest by graduation.

Have demonstrated full (100%) comprehension of key data on each academic course before moving on to the next.

Have personalized educational programs tailored to their needs, interests and goals.

Have a faculty member they can talk to as a friend about any difficult situation or problem they may be having.

Have successfully participated in at least one interscholastic team sport by graduation.


Average # of books students read in our high school literature program, all of which they are required to critically evaluate in writing.


Minimum hours our students spend on community service each week.


Required courses on personal ethics and morals in our high school program.


Number of activities organized and run by our students each year.

Delphian isn’t for everyone. It is for students who know they can do more—the creative, the independent, the curious; those who walk their own path, and those who want to decide for themselves what path to walk...