Educator Workshop

April 12-14, 2018

Hosted by

Heron Books & Delphian School

Thursday, April 12, 9:00am

Saturday, April 14, 1:00pm

Dear Heads of Schools & Workshop Attendees:

We're really excited to see everyone on the Delphian campus for shared news, inspiration and NEW RELEASES from Heron Books. We need everyone's registration information. This should be completed by each Head (or his/her designee).

Attendees do not register themselves separately.

All those attending, however, should be given access to this workshop information page (please share the link with them).

Registration must be completed by March 10th. Early registration helps us prepare, especially for schools who are requesting on-campus lodging.

There are no workshop fees or meal costs to participants from Thursday through dinner on Saturday. We ask that guests using our Sage Dining Services at any other time consider $8/meal/person with payment to the Delphian School: Attention Finance Director.

Register All Those Attending

Workshop Information