Secular Courses

This is a full list of courses which our curriculum specialists derived from the non-religious educational or administrative technologies researched and developed by American educator and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. No materials, courses or curriculum on the Delphi Program have been derived from the religious materials of Scientology.

For more information or details about the information covered on the below courses, please feel free to call our Admissions Office at 1-800-626-6610 or 503-843-3521. We welcome your questions and calls.

Moral Code seminar (ages 8-14)

Learning How To Learn (ages 8-14)

How to Use a Dictionary (ages 8-14)

Introduction to Manners (ages 9-11)

Communicating is Fun (ages 9-12)

The Learning Book Course (ages 10-14)

Beginning Observation and Research Skills (ages 10-12)

Study Skills for Life (ages 10-14)

Grammar and Communication (ages 10-14)

The Checkouts Book Course (ages 10-14)

The Ethics Book Course (ages 11-14)

The Drug Book Course (ages 11-14)

The Thinking Book (ages 12-14)

Twinning and Coaching Basics (ages 11-14)

Money and Exchange (ages 11-14)

Conflict and Ideas (ages 11-14)

People and Ideas (ages 11-14)

Basic Study Manual (ages 12+)

The Study Book Course (high school)

The Way to Happiness Course (high school)

Introduction to Manners (advanced version for high school)

Integrity and the Code of Honor (high school)

Improving Conditions (high school)

Applied Communication Drills (high school)

Advanced Applied Communication Drills (high school)

Professional Basics for an Artist (high school)

Leadership (high school)

Logic 1 Fundamental of Logic (high school)

Logic 2 Intermediate Logic (high school)

Logic 3 Advanced Logic (high school)

Marriage Education (high school)

Education (high school)

Looking to the Future Part 1

Basics of Organization (high school)

Planning and Organization (high school)

Complete Planning (high school)

Financial Planning (high school)

Managing by Statistics (high school)