Invitation from the Headmaster

Delphian's story began in 1974, when a group of individuals purchased property in Sheridan, Oregon and got to work building a new educational model. Delphian School’s goal, and mine, is a civilization based in reason.

While a lofty goal, I believe it is one held in common by parents, students, educators and individuals of goodwill. Civilizations rise and fall on the contributions and accomplishments of individuals. Providing an educational program that preserves and encourages individuality while building character traits like Knowledge, Ethics, Integrity and Leadership (the four points of Delphian’s logo) is how the Delphian School works to achieve its goal. This idea has inspired me as an educator for the last sixteen years. I believe we take a small step towards achieving that goal every time we successfully educate another student.

Since 1976, Delphian School has been working to establish and refine its unique approach to education. For forty years, we have been at the forefront of a movement that is now gaining momentum among the broader educational community—that of competency-based education. Yet understanding this term as it is used on the broader educational scene still doesn’t bring about a full understanding of Delphian’s unique program. We need to coin our own term. Perhaps “Mastery Based Education”? Because Delphian students master every subject they study before moving on to tackle the next higher level of understanding.

How do we achieve this mastery? What does this idea actually mean in practice? For these answers, I invite you to spend some time exploring Delphian's website, especially the sections related to the school's philosophy and program. There is a wealth of information available there to help you determine if our philosophy fits with your ideal educational approach.

I would also like to encourage you to schedule a time to visit the school. Many of our families have told us that by being on campus and in the classrooms, they were able to better appreciate the true uniqueness of the Delphi Program and our close-knit community.

I look forward to meeting you.

Trevor Ott