Mission and Philosophy

Delphian School began as the dream of a small group of educators in the early 1970s to build a new kind of learning environment. Dr. Alan Larson, the Founding Headmaster of the school and several of his colleagues dedicated themselves to the goal of reversing the downward trending standards in education.

Within a close-knit community and lively campus environment, Delphian students are given highly personal attention from instructors, an individual academic program and a focus on demonstrated competence rather than memorization of facts or time spent in class. Students learn to not only understand what they study, but also to become competent in the use of logic and reason.

Our Mission

Delphian School’s mission is to empower young adults to bring positive change in the world through reason, creativity and integrity.

We believe the ability to reason is inextricably linked to successful study at all levels.

Thus our emphasis is on students developing a discipline of study expertise and the ability to think with and use knowledge. At Delphian, students learn the value of studying for oneself, thinking for oneself and evaluating information for its truth, importance and usefulness.

We believe that a person’s creativity should be enriched by their education.

Thus our emphasis is on wide-ranging projects and service activities in the immediate or broader community, where students exercise and hone their creative-thinking skills. At Delphian, students learn that to become tomorrow’s leaders in business, science, humanities and the arts, they need to be imaginative and practiced problem-solvers today.

We believe that personal integrity is the keystone of any successful activity or life.

Thus our emphasis in all student activities, in and out of the classroom, is on the value of unbiased observation and open communication. At Delphian, students learn that a successful group—and a rewarding life—depend on individuals who recognize their responsibility for honesty in themselves, each other and the groups of which they are a part.

Core Values:

  • Each student is unique and should be addressed as an individual.
  • A student’s pursuit of learning should be self-determined.
  • Every student is capable of creating productivity, happiness and positive change, in themselves and in others.
  • The potential for success in every individual is limitless.