The Delphi Program

Too often education fails not from lack of dedicated faculty but from a failure in the school's chosen curriculum. That's why Delphian School has spent forty years developing and honing its own proprietary curriculum to ensure every aspect of each level of the program is integrated with the level that follows. Upon our school's founding in 1976, Dr. Alan Larson, a graduate of Stanford University, headed a team of experts to develop the Delphi Program™ from the ground up.

As a result, the Delphi Program is a unique, integrated approach to learning developed by Heron Books, experts in curriculum development. Every element of the Delphi Program—whether it be a course, a series of courses, a list of reading books, a seminar outline, a project guide, a text, an examination or a teacher training manual—is researched and developed carefully, and tested extensively, before first edition publication.

It is a hallmark of our curriculum development team to seek continuous improvement of the program; thus, program elements (courses, books, manuals, et al) are regularly inspected, evaluated and revised based on changing conditions in students and schools and evolving knowledge in the world.

Thus, our curriculum development team has developed over 2500 courses to give Delphian students a solid foundation in math, reading, the sciences, history, geography, art and design, music and many other subjects, with an emphasis on practical application.

The below eight basic principles of the Delphi Program lay out its fundamental philosophy. Very few things could be more important to a parent or a student than understanding a school's philosophy.

How We Do It

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