Delphian School Students Theater Program


Artist. Athlete. Volunteer. We see your interests as essentials, not extras.

A well-rounded education requires more than a focus on core subjects like math, English, science, and history. Arts and athletics are also important components. That’s why each afternoon, Delphian students take part in a wide variety of elective activities outside the classroom. We refer to these regularly scheduled afternoon classes as 'co-curricular' rather than extra-curricular, as they include subjects we consider essential to acquiring a full education. All Delphian students participate in elective afternoon co-curricular classes, which they choose based on their own interests.

In afternoon classes, you may find yourself singing with our award-winning choirs (nearly half of Delphian’s Upper School students are members). Taking corner kicks for the soccer team. Setting up a photoshoot. Writing a script and then producing a video. Focusing on your Warrior pose in yoga class. Designing and coding a video game. Perfecting your backhand on the tennis court. Whatever you do, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share your talent and skills with an audience, whether it’s sports fans cheering you on from the sidelines or a standing ovation at curtain call.

Co-curricular activities may include creative activities such as music, art, ceramic arts, drama, choir, technology, creative writing, video production, photography, and woodshop; or physical activities such as conditioning or power yoga and a variety of interscholastic sports such as soccer, volleyball, track and field, cross-country, basketball, baseball, softball and tennis.

Since we encourage our students to do everything they do as professionally as possible, these activities lead inevitably to participation in some public demonstration of skill. For sports, it is through interscholastic competitions or individual sporting meets. In the arts, it may be through choir and instrumental performances, plays, or painting and ceramic arts competitions and exhibits.

Co-Curricular Activities

Media & Film Production

Note: Media & Film Production is only available to our Upper School students at this time.

Digital media and film production classes allow students to combine skills learned from many different fields. Elements of writing, photography, art, computers, music and more all come together here.

In Delphian's media studio classes, students engage in a wide variety of activities, including writing scripts, shooting and editing videos, composing music on the computer, graphic design, digital art, etc. Many of the weekend activities are promoted using videos that were written, shot and edited by students in the media studio's film classes.

In Delphian's media studio, students have a wide array of equipment and software at their disposal. Equipment includes top-of-the-line iMac workstations equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud, Canon and Panasonic DSLR cameras, and a variety of lighting and audio gear. The entire campus is open to students to film or photograph, in addition to a modest sound stage for a more controlled environment. The media studio hosts afternoon classes for students, and is available to students during their free time as well.

Media studio students are sometimes assigned to be videographers at school events, and this footage can later be used in short student films or promotional videos for the school. Some students embark upon advanced film projects, creating videos that get wide distribution, either through their own efforts or the school's. Here are a few examples:


This video was created by Mikai Karl as a senior project.


This video is the result of a student project created for the "100 Days to Freedom Competition" sponsored by the Frederick Douglass Foundation. The video took second place.

Seconds of Beauty

The poem, Seconds, written by Delphian School student, Geneva White, inspired two of Delphian's student videographers to produce this video to the words of her beautiful poem.

New Delhi, India

Delphian student Angad Chawla created this video of his home city of New Delhi, India as a project during his junior year.


Delphian School Tech Lab

All students learn basic computer usage as part of their academic programs, including word processing and spreadsheet applications, but for students with particular interests in technology, afternoon classes and clubs are available.

At different times of the year, available afternoon classes could include robotics, coding, video game development, software design, and VR program creation, among others.

Generally, Delphian’s tech lab is a place that allows students to further their curiosity and interests in the field of technology and receive one-on-one assistance to explore those interests.

Learning in the tech lab is free form. Students can initiate any project they want and utilize tech lab personnel and resources to help them, or they can sign up for afternoon classes (such as robotics or coding) to learn a specific skill.


Delphian's Upper School Theater Department produces two major annual productions (one for Thanksgiving and one for Parents Weekend in June), as well as several other performances throughout the school year. Student participation includes set design and production, choreography, music composition, assistant directing, costumes and props—even, at times, playwriting.

Recent productions from the Delphian Upper School Theater Department include the musicals Guys and Dolls, Anything Goes and Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma!; dramatic plays like Cyrano Debergerac, Inherit the Wind, Romeo & Juliet and Agatha Christie's A Murder is Announced; and comedies such as Charlie's Aunt, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night's Dream, and The Importance of Being Earnest.

Delphian's Middle School Drama Department produces one major annual production at Parents Weekend each June. Even at the Middle School level, students participate in set design, backstage props, lighting and sound, costumes, hair and makeup, and may assist in directing.

Recent productions from the Delphian Middle School Drama Department include Moliére's The Flying Doctor, O'Henry's The Gift of the Magi, Booth Tarkinton’s Monsieur Beaucair, several original productions, and selected tales from The Arabian Nights.

Fine Arts

Delphian School has a bustling fine arts program that routinely produces award-winning pieces. The school's facilities include studios for art, ceramics, and photography. The school offers classes in drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery and ceramic arts, photography and other special interest areas.

Because the essence of art is communication, Delphian places special emphasis on exhibition, so our student art gallery is always in flux. On a stroll through the exhibit one can find photography, mixed media, graphic drawings in pencil or charcoal, paintings in many media from watercolor to oil, sculptures, ceramic pieces, haiku, and many other wonderful and creative displays of student work.

All Delphian art students are encouraged to participate in local shows and competitions, and many award-winning pieces can be found on display in our gallery.


Delphian School's music department offers instruction in a range of instruments from woodwinds and brass, to strings, piano and percussion. Separate guitar classes play host to an ever-growing field of up-and-coming musicians.

Friday Night Performance (FNP) provides a unique venue for students to display their varied talents. Aspiring comics, actors, singers/songwriters, dancers and musicians routinely grace the FNP stage. Everyone is welcome to audition, and performers can always expect an enthusiastic and supportive audience.

Each FNP show is planned, organized and produced by Delphian students, giving them the opportunity to work with performers and learn how to produce a talent show that parents, students and staff can enjoy.

In addition to FNP, Delphian students are given regular opportunities to perform for broader audiences at the Winter and Spring Festivals and Parents Weekend, as well as for plays, festivals, competitions and other specially scheduled performances outside the school.

The school supports students pursuing private instruction in their individual instruments and works with the students' parents to help students continue such lessons while enrolled.

Because practical experience is such an intrinsic part of the Delphi Program, those students interested in pursuing a career in the musical arts can propose extra-curricular projects which count as practical credit toward their academic programs. Projects that have been done in the past include composing and orchestrating choral music to be performed by a Delphian choir, composing and recording music to accompany a play performance or a student-produced video, and learning or writing songs for performance to the student body or for a competition.


Delphian has a dynamic Upper School choral program which regularly involves 60-90 students between the varsity and junior varsity choirs. The junior varsity choir is a training choir where students learn the basics of music and choral singing. They perform regularly at school concerts as well as the Portland Zoo's "ZooLights" holiday celebration and other choir festivals. Elementary and Middle School students also participate in the choirs for their schools. These choirs perform regularly for students, parents and guests during the Winter and Spring Festivals and at Parents Weekend.

Upper School varsity choir members are selected by audition. They perform the best of high school choral literature and have developed a tradition of excellence. Delphian's varsity choir has participated in the Oregon State Choir Championships for over twenty consecutive years. They have placed as one of the top five ranking choirs the last thirteen of fifteen years and took First Place in the State Competition in 2013. Students in the varsity choir frequently participate in the District and All-State Honor Choirs.

Delphian's award winning jazz choir is the top vocal ensemble at Delphian. Its members are chosen by audition from the varsity group. They perform vocal jazz literature as well as some classical chamber choir pieces. Much of the jazz music is accompanied by students on piano, bass and drums. Jazz choir performs regularly at the school as well as being a regular participant at vocal jazz festivals throughout the state. The jazz choir regularly places in their division at the Pleasant Hill Jazz Festival, the largest invitational jazz festival in Oregon.


Students learn the basics of photography, starting with the fundamentals of composition, exposure and framing the picture, to color correction and more advanced editing techniques. Students will be exposed to local professional photographers, tackle fun photography projects, and have their work displayed around campus and in art competitions.



Discipline is a key component of any sports program, and hard work is demanded from every player for the team to flourish. The emphasis of Delphian's athletic program is on participation and sportsmanship. Delphian teams often win sportsmanship trophies from their league or tournament competition and are widely known for it.

While each year is different, several of the school's teams regularly participate in the district championships and the state playoffs, and some teams have even won the occasional state championship.

Delphian students can participate in a wide variety of interscholastic sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, baseball, and softball. All Delphian students are required to play on at least one junior varsity or varsity team before graduation.

The team sports program is flanked by individual sports and other recreational activities which can include yoga, running, weight training, snowboarding or skiing, swimming and hiking.

See our Athletics Section for more information about Delphian's athletics programs, teams and schedules.