Delphian School's Summer at Delphi program is designed to challenge young people in and out of the classroom and help them discover that their potential for success is unlimited. We seek to impart to students a love of learning and the ability to put their education to productive use.

Visit for full information on activities, courses and our weekend adventure trips. Overnight and day programs include academics, challenging activities, sports camps, weekend trips and a whole lot of fun. An English language immersion camp program is also offered. Boarding students for the summer program are accepted from ages 8 through 18; day students can enroll from ages 5 through 18.

Approximately 300 students attend Delphian School's Summer at Delphi program each year from all across the United States and many other countries including Japan, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Canada, Austria, France, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, and Russia. Summer at Delphi is always an international experience.

Visit for more information.