Upper School

Creating self-determined, independent thinkers.

To better understand the nature of our mastery-based academic program, we recommend reading through the About Us section of our website (specifically the pages on Forms, Not Grades, Study Technology and The Delphi Program) before diving into this Academics section.

It is also beneficial to read the earlier page in this section covering Our Approach, so the basics of our philosophy, as well as how these basics are implemented in each school, Lower through Upper, is understood prior to reading about each.

Upper School Program

The word program is defined as "a planned, coordinated set of actions, activities, or procedures for achieving some result or purpose." At Delphian, a student program is a set of planned and coordinated actions (courses, seminars, projects, apprenticeships, etc.) designed to guide individual students toward the completion of their form.

Saying that every student's program is individualized can be misleading. Although these statements are true generally, they can give the impression that students are doing "different" programs and that the school doesn't have clear standards in a broad range of subjects. In fact, every student is on a form, and each form program is fairly standardized, addressing common requirements to be met.

At the same time, each student's program is tailored to their strengths, weaknesses, academic needs and interests. The phraseology that most accurately represents what is happening is each student is being programmed as an individual. Student programs are designed to empower the student.

Delphian's graduation requirements are generally stated in terms of abilities, not time spent and tests "passed." Even when the requirements are the same for every student, the route to achieving them is quite often unique, since academic programs are tailored to the individual.

Delphian Upper School students learn to function in a caring, professional manner; experience the value of living responsibly; learn to work as part of a team as easily as they are able to lead it; come to understand the value of service; and gain the academic knowledge and practical skills needed to confidently and competently tackle whatever their next step in life will be. A Delphian graduate walks forward into higher education with a great deal of certainty in his or her abilities.

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