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OUr Mission 

Empower young adults to bring positive change in the world through reason, creativity and integrity. 

Core VAlues 

  • Each student is unique and should be addressed as an individual.

  • A student’s pursuit of learning should be self-determined.

  • Every student is capable of creating positive change in themselves and in others.

  • The potential for success in every individual is limitless.

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Events are displayed in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat/Sun
Mon, Mar 1
Tue, Mar 2
Wed, Mar 3
Thu, Mar 4
Fri, Mar 5
FA Night
Sat, Mar 6
Scavenger Hunt Night
Sun, Mar 7
Mon, Mar 8
Tue, Mar 9
Wed, Mar 10
Thu, Mar 11
Fri, Mar 12
Sat, Mar 13
Dorm Spirit Night
Sun, Mar 14
Mon, Mar 15
Tue, Mar 16
Wed, Mar 17
Thu, Mar 18
Fri, Mar 19
Spring Festival
Mon, Mar 22
Tue, Mar 23
Wed, Mar 24
Thu, Mar 25
Fri, Mar 26
Sat, Mar 27
Sun, Mar 28
Mon, Mar 29
Wed, Mar 31
Thu, Apr 1
Fri, Apr 2
Sat, Apr 3
Boys vs Girls Night
Delphian Oscars
Little Theatre and Rec Room
Sun, Apr 4


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