Meet our Admissions Team

Bridgette Rappoport '87

Associate Director of Admissions, Alumni Class of 1987
Direct: 503-843-5831
1-800-626-6610 ext. 331

A graduate of Delphian School, Bridgette returned to her alma mater in 2016 to join Delphian’s Admissions team. Having worked for several years in admissions at a private school in Los Angeles, Bridgette brings her experience in the private school sector and her passion and interest in proficiency-based education to help interested families better understand our program and determine if Delphian is the right fit for their family. Bridgette is responsible for speaking with prospective families, setting up campus visits and assisting families through every step of the application process.

Bridgette relocated in 2016 from the Los Angeles area to McMinnville, Oregon. She lives with her husband and two children and enjoys cooking, going to music performances and sightseeing.

Thomas Keough '82

Associate Director of Admissions, Alumni Class of 1983

Direct: 503-843-5858
1-800-626-6610 ext. 358

The youngest son of Delphian's founding Dean, Janet Hollander, Thomas graduated Delphian in 1983 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his interest in finance.

While working in the world of high finance, managing estates and portfolios for individuals, Thomas saw his heart and support leaning back to Delphian. After running the school's Alumni Association for nearly a decade from afar, Thomas returned to Delphian with his wife (Delphian graduate Eve Darling, Class of 1980) and their young son. Thomas spent the next fifteen years teaching and/or overseeing all levels of Delphian's high school program.

Now, as the father of two graduates, and a graduate and alumnus himself, and with twenty years of faculty experience administering the Delphi Program, Thomas is uniquely qualified to speak on the subject of mastery-based education and the programs offered at Delphian.

When he's not traveling on behalf of the school, Thomas spends his time with students in his capacity as a faculty advisor and is a regular chaperone on weekend trips. His interests include traveling and fine cuisine, and coaching or playing baseball; but his greatest passion has been and always will be helping families grow stronger and closer through the education of their children.

Bruce Wiggins

Director of Admissions for Asia
Direct: 503-843-5806

Bruce was born in Manhattan and raised in Connecticut. He returned to NYC to pursue studies in Asian languages and culture at Columbia University. He received his BA from Columbia in Asian Studies and Chinese Language and his MA in Chinese Studies from Seton Hall.

For a few years afterwards he worked in the import/export business with companies dealing in Far Eastern trade. However, Bruce always had a passion for education and came to Delphian in 1978 to help create the school's first English language summer program for international students. He served as an instructor in the high school for many years and then moved to Admissions, where for more than 20 years he has specialized in the recruitment of students from all across the Asian continent.

"I have been faculty at Delphian almost from the beginning," Bruce said, "and have seen hundreds of students from around the world come through our doors. Many of our graduates return to our annual Alumni Weekend to refresh old friendships with classmates and faculty and to deliver seminars on their careers to our current students. It is quite gratifying to hear from them how their Delphian education hasn't just helped to shape their lives but that it continues to do so, both personally and professionally."

John Kertchem

Admissions Associate, Founding Staff Member
Direct: 503-843-5863

John is one of several founding members who are still serving Delphian's educational mission, some forty years running. In the mid 1970's, John came to Delphian as part of a group of concerned educators who had become inspired by the educational philosophy and workable study methods of American philosopher and educator, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.

The task these educators set for themselves was to pioneer, develop and implement a teaching system that was not based on memorization, time spent in class, and a 70% passing standard; but rather was a teaching system based on 100% mastery in understanding, real life application, an increasing ability to reason, and honest, self-determined thought and action.

John met his wife of 40 years at the school, and together they raised two girls, both of whom received a sound Delphian education and who are now doing very well in life and raising their own families.

During his over forty years at Delphian, John has worked in almost every area of the school, including eleven years as an instructor in the Upper School. He came in at the ground level and developed the school's volleyball program into the success it is today. He's been coaching since 1979 and remains Delphian's Head Varsity Coach today.

In 2011, John joined the Admissions team as an Admissions Associate. Among his greatest joys are helping students work things out for themselves so they can become more certain and competent, and of course, enrolling new students at Delphian.

James Gailunas

Admissions Associate

Direct: 503-843-5829

James was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI. He began his career at Delphian in the communications office, where he quickly found his passion for working directly with families.

Having been inspired by teachers in several different subjects throughout his own education, James knows how important it to expose students to the many and varied opportunities that Delphian offers. In addition to acting as an Advisor to several students, James is active in the school's Space Club, Archery Club, Writers Club and helps run the National Novel Writing Month each November.

A man of many interests from college football to outdoor survival, James loves spending his free time with his wife, Robin, and their two children, as well as listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and recording his own podcasts.