Referral Agents

The school’s best ambassadors are its current students, former students and their parents. One manifestation of this is their dedication and willingness to help other families benefit from a Delphian education by talking about or directly introducing new families to the school. Traditionally, those who help in this way are publicly recognized and acknowledged at major school events, such as Alumni Weekend and Parents Weekend.

Beyond this general level of support, some individuals, professional agents and feeder schools specialize in student referrals. Delphian's Referral Program is designed for them.

Claiming Awards

Step 1: Inform the Admissions Associate who is working with the prospective family that you are referring that particular family to Delphian School.

Step 2: Fill out and submit the Referral Form. This must be done prior to the initial enrollment or re-enrollment of a student for any term. Awards are not retroactive and will not be awarded after the student has already enrolled.

The Referral Form includes a request for the participant’s legal name. In the case of United States residents, a W-9 form will need to be filled out and submitted separately.

Awards are normally given in check form. International participants have the option of receiving their awards as bank wire transfers (minus any bank fees).

Program Office

The Referral Program Office is available to assist participants in their work. Any questions can be directed to Dania Williams, Referral Program Director, via email or by calling 503-843-6967. The office will also provide school promotional materials upon request. Click here to request materials.

If you would like more information about our Referral Program, including a breakdown of referral rewards and program guidelines, please fill in your information below.