One of the best boarding schools in Oregon - the Delphian School

Why Boarding?

An Oregon Boarding School with a Personal Approach

Although we have many day students, our boarding students form the core of the Delphian community, gaining independence as they learn cooperation; putting knowledge gained in the classroom to immediate use; and increasing their responsibility for themselves and others.

In a boarding environment, there is always someone nearby to help, no matter what problem a student faces. In our close, supportive community, lifelong friendships are made. And despite the distance, we repeatedly hear from our parents (and from the students themselves) that their parent-child relationship actually grew stronger and closer during the students' time at Delphian.

Boarding School Facts

The Art and Science Group conducted a nationwide survey of over 2,700 high school students and adults regarding their experiences in high school and their lives since. The survey found that, compared to day students, boarding students:

  • Devote more time to homework and extracurricular activities (and significantly less time watching TV)
  • Spend more time with teachers outside the classroom
  • Learn how to set goals and budget time
  • Practice self-discipline and responsibility
  • Learn to act and think independently
  • Develop leadership skills

Highlights of the survey also include the following key findings:

  • Students at private boarding schools have a better experience in high school than do students of a similar profile in public and private day schools.
  • Students at private boarding schools are better prepared for college and attend more prestigious colleges and universities than do students of a similar profile in public and private day schools.
  • Alumni of private boarding schools appear to advance more quickly in their careers and are more active philanthropically.
  • Boarding school alumni are more likely to earn advanced degrees than are day students.

In fact, the research study cited 78% of boarding school graduates say they were very well prepared for the non-academic aspects of college life, such as independence, social life, and time management as opposed to 35% of private day school students.

For more information on this research and additional information about the benefits of a boarding school education, visit The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS).