Delphian School Athletics

No spectators. no limits.

Community through participation. Leadership through teamwork.

Delphian views the soccer field or volleyball court as yet another avenue to help our students to apply what they're learning in the academic course room to their daily lives. We see challenge as opportunity for growth. This is why we require all Middle and Upper School students to participate in interscholastic sports teams, so they can face new challenges and increase their potential as individuals, team members and leaders.

Discipline is a key component of any sports program; likewise hard work from every player. Delphian's athletic program emphasizes both of these, as well as participation and sportsmanship. Delphian teams often win sportsmanship trophies from their league or tournament competition and are widely known for it.

While each year is different, several of the school's teams regularly participate in district and state playoffs, and some teams have won the state championships.

Delphian students can participate in a wide variety of interscholastic sports including soccer, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, tennis, track and field, and in certain years, baseball and softball. All Delphian students are required to play on at least one junior varsity or varsity team before graduation.

Delphian's team sports program is flanked by elective individual sports and other recreational activities including yoga, conditioning, running, weight training, snowboarding, skiing, swimming and hiking.