Find The Dragon Game

Can you find each of the 23 dragons hiding on the new Delphian School website? Everyone in the Delphian community is invited to play -- alumni, parents, students and friends of Delphian. The first 23 people to find all the dragons will receive special prizes. Every entry will receive a high-quality certificate of achievement by email to print out, frame and treasure for always. Happy hunting!

  • The first correct submission will receive a first place prize. 
  • The next nine submissions will receive a second place prize.
  • The next seven submissions will receive a third place prize.
  • The final six submissions will receive a fourth place prize. 
  • Every entry will receive a certificate of achievement.

Winners will be announced live at our virtual "Delphian United, Tales From the Past, Visions of the Future" event on Sunday, November 1st from 3:30-4:30 pm PST. For event details click here.

How to play:
  1. Find each of the 23 dragons hiding on the website. The dragons appear in four different colors (visual aid below).
  2. Write down the color/ location of each dragon you find in the entry form below. 
  3. Submit your entry form. 
  • Submissions will be reviewed and verified in time and date order of when they were received.  
  • The first 23 submissions with the correct answers will be announced at our live virtual event on  November 1st.
  • Only one entry per person or team is allowed. 
  • The pictures of the dragon on this website page are for reference only and are not part of the contest.   
  • The pictures of the dragon on t-shirts and other branded merchandise available for purchase through our online store are not part of this contest.
Tips For Success:
  • While searching for the dragons, wear all green to increase the dragons' desire to reveal themselves to you.
  • Green face paint and glitter are strongly encouraged as successful dragon attractants. 
  • Hydrate exclusively from your Delphian mug/cup/tumbler for a competitive advantage.  If you do not have a Delphian beverage cup, we recommend you invest in a paper cup and attempt your best dragon illustration on the paper cup for hydration during this contest. 
  • Chanting Delphian athletics cheers while searching will encourage the dragons to reveal themselves. 
  • Send us photos and videos of you competing in the contest to or tag #dragonspirit and #delphianschool on social media.
  • Team winners are allowed to print out multiple copies of their certificate to frame and keep in a place of honor at their individual residences.



There is 1 dragon of this color hiding on the website. 



There are 9 dragons of this color hiding on the website. 



There are 7 dragons of this color hiding on the website. 



There are 6 dragons of this color hiding on the website. 

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Find The Dragon Entry Form