Ensuring the future

Delphian's future is now. Are you part of it?

For the past 40 years, Delphian School's vision has been deeply rooted in a culture of giving. We feel honored to have been able to work in a united effort with so many wonderful supporters. Generous gifts of all sizes from thousands of families past and present, as well as from alumni and friends, have enabled the school's growth and played a critical role in our continued success.

Just as your children receive the benefits of past donations, your gifts today will enhance the opportunities not only for current students, but also for generations of Delphians to come. Our hope is that the road we pave together will lead us to that brighter future for all. Become a part of Delphian's future now.


Annual Fund

Traditionally, a school's annual fund gives flexibility and added strength to the school's operating budget and allows the school to undertake projects that might otherwise have been impossible. Delphian's annual fund has enabled recent improvements to our beautiful new courtyard, music rooms, and the purchase of new computers and specialized sports equipment.

You can make an immediate impact on Delphian students by supporting Delphian School's Annual Fund. We welcome your one-time contribution or a monthly commitment of any size.

Capital Campaign

A capital fund is designed to raise a specific sum of money over several years to meet the varied asset-building needs of the organization. These funds go toward large projects, such as the construction of new buildings, major renovations to current buildings and substantial upgrades to the grounds.

In June of 2013, Delphian School launched our largest single capital fund project to date: the complete renovation of our existing gymnasium.

Delphian's new gym is complete with heating and air-conditioning, state-of-the-art wood flooring, an indoor running track and climbing wall, upgraded weight-lifting and CrossFit facilities, and an exercise area for cheerleading and dance. Future projects may include a new practice gym and a performing arts center.

Special Projects & Volunteerism

Sometimes our supporters wish to donate above and beyond the yearly annual fund gift or capital campaign, or prefer to donate to a specific area of the school, such as our scholarship and financial aid fund or our endowment. Our Development Office welcomes these donations. Please contact us to discuss your preferred method of support.

Volunteers at Delphian help in athletics or arts departments, assist on school trips, appear as guest speakers and join our local parent association. If you would like to contribute your time or expertise, please contact us to find out about current volunteer opportunities.