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Why do private schools in the U.S fundraise when parents are already paying tuition?

The simple answer is that tuition does not cover all of an American private school’s expenses. Tuition does cover routine expenses, but fundraising is essential to maintain the richness of school academic and co-curricular programs, the diversity of the student body, and the quality of school facilities. Without fundraising, Delphian could not be competitive.

What does the Delphian Annual Fund Support?

In some schools, annual funds help close the gap between actual costs and tuition. The Delphian Annual Fund helps us accomplish the “above and beyond” projects that enrich the school program and campus in all sorts of ways. Those are the projects that wouldn’t happen otherwise, the ones that add depth, variety and beauty to student life

How much should I give?

Private schools traditionally run an annual fund where board members, parents, past parents, alumni and staff are asked to donate yearly at a level that makes sense for them. It could be $25, it could be $25,000, it could be $250,000. The goal is 100% participation. Every gift counts! Every gift matters!

What are the Leadership Societies?

Delphian’s founding year was 1976. Accordingly, Leadership Donors are those who give $1976 to $9,999 in any single year to the Annual Fund or any combination of funds. The Leadership Elite Society honors those very generous donors who contribute more than $10,000 for the year. These donors are acknowledged at special events such as Parents Weekend and Alumni Weekend.

What are Delphian Giving Levels and the Donor Wall?

Delphian has a published series of levels that honor the cumulative donations of an individual or family. For cumulative donations of $5,000 and above, the donor/family’s name is listed permanently at the appropriate level on the school's Donor Recognition Wall in Reception.

Is Delphian eligible to match gifts?

Yes. With an employer matching gift, you may be able to leverage your gift to Delphian doubly or even triply. Check if your company has such a program.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

In the United States, all contributions to the Delphian School are tax-deductible based on the school's 501(c)(3) charitable status, Tax ID #93-0630376

How do I update my contact information?

To update your contact information, email Development@delphian.org or call (503) 843-5895.