Alumni Weekend

Every year all our alumni are invited home for our annual Alumni Weekend to relive old memories, catch up with friends and make new ones through our tight-knit alumni association. 

Alumni Events
Not Alumni Weekend

We miss you and wanted to create a way for alumni to reconnect with the school. Click the above link for more details. 

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Generous gifts of all sizes from alumni have enabled the school's growth and played a critical role in our continued success.


Stay Involved

Nothing speaks more highly of the Delphian program than our successful alumni who enthusiastically serve and support our program and community. Alumni are encouraged to be active in our alumni association through volunteer, networking or career opportunities and event participation.

  • Host a workshop or seminar for our students.
  • Introduce and help advise prospective students and families to Delphian. 
  • Mentor our students by inviting them to tour, apprentice or intern in your workplace. 

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Alumni Spotlight

Natalia Garcia, 2017

Fashion Designer

"An outstanding skill one obtains through the Delphian program is the ability to learn. I believe that ability alone can make one unstoppable."

Rob Adams, 1991

Art Director for Bungie

"Life is a learning process that keeps going and doesn’t ever really slow down."

Nigel Mincey, 2019

"I am forever grateful to Delphian, and everyone that makes this school what it is..."

Roni Akilov, 2020

"The staff members look at us as young adults and not as children, and they treat us as if they were family relatives. They help us learn how to positively lead our own lives, they help us learn from our mistakes, they let us own our education, and they don't judge by what we want to do or be."

Robin Gray, 1986

Mexico City Real Estate

“You have the tools from your Delphian education so don’t be reasonable—take responsibility for and confront the problems as they come, and you will succeed.” 

Stephanie Croman,  1991


"Humanitarian work is not the way to get rich or have a life of ease—but it is extremely purposeful and rewarding. So find your area of purpose and push that purpose forward with everything you’ve got."

Gal Ezra, 2010

Co-Founder of 4 South African Music Festivals & Founder and CEO of Empower Funding 

"While at Delphian, I was always set on taking an entrepreneurial direction after high school, and even while in high school it was very clear to me what that meant - big risks, tougher to achieve rewards, less security, challenging game. So I was never naive about it, which I think is important."