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Angelica's Internship
Angelica's Internship

This summer, for six weeks, I volunteered at Delphian in the Lower School. I assisted teachers, chaperoned on many field trips and taught PE, drama, and music. I also orchestrated a musical number with them for Friday Night Performance.

I originally volunteered because I wanted to study at the school for summer. I really did not have that much interest in the Lower School. However, after working there for a few days I didn't regret my decision and in fact did not want to leave.

At the beginning of my job, it was challenging handling all of these kids with a seemingly infinite amount of energy compressed in tiny bodies. I was able to figure it out pretty fast but they managed to surprise me every day with some new idea or trick. Slowly, I began to fall in love with each of them. I would see their eyes wide with wonder and minds running with possibilities.

The biggest thing I learned from this job was learning how to help raise a child. I was able to understand how kids think and how to work with them to build them into responsible people instead of just little kids. This idea was new to me, but made complete sense when I thought about it. I never had expected responsibility from a kid; I had always assumed that I needed to take responsibility for them. However, the only way for a person to become responsible is for people to give them the chances to do so. After thinking about it I realized that this is what my family had done with me and I am very thankful for that because it built me into who I am today. Being one of the people playing that role in another's life felt very purposeful and made me really happy.

This summer was a blast. I learned invaluable information while doing something that I loved.

-Angelica Hangdaan
Form 7 Student