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Featured Delphian Artist Pruette Karl
Featured Delphian Artist Pruette Karl

Pruette is the second artist to be featured in the Delphian store as part of an exciting new program of featuring one talented artist every few months through the pop up shop in the art gallery on campus and through the online Delphian store.

This is not only an opportunity for Delphian art connoisseurs to get their hands on some beautiful art but an opportunity for the student artist to create a body of work and showcase it in a public way to gain the practical experience of being a featured and paid artist in a gallery.

Here is a note from our featured artist this month, Pruette Karl:


My name is Pruette. I'm currently on form seven at the Delphian School and 16.

I've been involved in the arts for as long as I can remember but from the moment I captured a photo it felt different than all other art forms. It was the first time I could share the way I experienced the world with another and that was extraordinary.

As my passion for photography developed I found that the main subjects I enjoyed capturing were people. Photography became a way for me to intimately display a person's emotion in the moment.

It helped me develop my love for others and I discovered how much I enjoyed getting to know the people around me and the way they lived uniquely from everyone else.

Photography has become the subject that drives my other passions and gives me purpose. I'm very excited to see where it takes me and how it shapes the way I experience the world!


There are five portraits by Pruette currently featured for sale in art gallery on campus and through the online Delphian store.

Click HERE to visit the online store.



Mia & Sebastion



In addition to the opportunity to purchase prints of Pruette's photographs the Delphian online store is also offering greeting cards, coffee mugs, t-shirts and socks showcasing Pruette's work.

Click HERE to visit the online store.