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Middle School Current Events Class
Middle School Current Events Class

On the Delphi Program™ there isa seminar called Current Events. Current Events seminars offer students the opportunities to research, to connect with the world, change their opinions, and learn some important events that are happening in the world. In Middle School, students will learn the basics of government, how to research, and be able to understand the world around them.

Current Events covers a wide range of subjects and connects to all areas of life. Many Delphian students have found their path to successful careers through studying current events. Most importantly, students can understand the importance of people, events and issues from the news. The Current Events seminar helps students to communicate and exchange their opinions.

For the first Middle School Current Events trip students went to Salem, the capital of Oregon, to learn about the U.S. government. Corey Orthmann, the Middle School Current Events teacher, told me that he wanted his students to see and talk to the people who work for the government. This trip is the easiest way for students to get real understanding of the government.

The Middle School students found the trip to be very enlightening. They saw government officials and where state laws are created.

-Sophie Qu
Form 7 Student