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The Beauty Of Delphian
The Beauty Of Delphian

How did I find Delphian? Well, that's an interesting question. It was one out of many private high schools I applied to. There was something about being at a public school that didn't suit me. I was getting good grades, had a good set of friends, but I wanted something different and unique. In the summer of 2014 I made the best decision of my life by coming to Delphian.

However, I did not realize that right away. I came to this school and I was confused with the student service program, why I didn't get to go out all the time, why there were points and study halls. Really, at first it was a challenging concept to grasp.

Since last year, I really discovered the beauty of Delphian and now I can relate to the people in the videos. I get to create my future and choose my own education. Can you get that from any other high school? I would probably be suffering through public school with the only goal of getting good grades so I can move on to college. I wouldn't be a leader like I am now, I would not have great ethics like I do now, and most importantly, I wouldn't be understanding my studies like I do now!

I get to move through my program with understanding and confidence. I take on different projects and opportunities that challenge me. Sometimes I will succeed and sometimes I will make mistakes. Most importantly, I can learn from my mistakes in a wonderful environment where everyone wants to help me. This school made me into who I am today. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

I want others to have this too. I love this school with all my heart. No other school will ever compete with the uniqueness and individuality of Delphian. I got here because of an ambassador: someone who promoted and explained Delphian to me. I would like you to do the same and join me in the Student Ambassador program. Make a difference in someone's life.

-Chiara Gentile
Form 7 Student