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Volleyball Season Summary from Coach Kertch
Volleyball Season Summary from Coach Kertch

Hey-Ho Sportsfans!

Apologies for the death of Sports Fans News' this season. The Coach had a severe case of "writer's cramp meningitis."

But be that as it may, the Dragon Girls have had quite the exciting times this volleyball season!

Yes, just after taking 3rd Place in the Warrenton Tournament, the girls in green went on a see-saw of wins and losses in several tourneys and match play as well.

It went something like this: 2 wins & 1 loss; 2 wins & 1 loss; 1 win & 3 losses; 1 win & 2 losses; 1 win & 2 losses. . . Hey! This pattern --- no good! Along with all this, just to make sure we had enough to deal with and do, were my top players experiencing ankle sprains (3 of them), a torn rotator cuff, a strained stomach muscle, severe headaches, dizzy court disorientation and various types of mental mungitis ails, such as "Hey Coach, I'm feeling weird today!"

Hmmm... Time to sort some things out, get actions done that would assist with the healing of any real injuries, throw the bogus stuff out, regroup, spot our operating conditions and re-set our purposes & goals, i.e., Enough! LET'S GO!!

Result: Bammo! – 1 win, 2 wins, 3 wins, and another one! 7 in a row, right on through all League and District comers while capturing a seed to the 1st round of the State Championships! Gooooooo Dragons!!

The 1st State round was away and against the state's fourth-ranked team, the Central Linn Cougars. The Dragon's played well, challenging the Cougs in a back-and-forth game playing up to a 20-20 tie, but then scrawk! goes our momentum with back-to-back service errors, 25-21 the score. Alas, State level pressure took its toll at the service line as Dragon servers muffed 11 serves in the match with the only 2 Aces landing in game one. The Cougars wasted no time in letting out their claws and releasing their hammering middle hitter who slashed the Dragon court left & right. 25-11 & 25-15, the sad scores that ended our season. But! Sad today, glad tomorrow! (famous coach saying)

Many are the highlights to note, not the least of which was a 7-streak run that created a winning season (15-11) for the Dragons of Delphi. We were contenders to reckon with throughout the season with these finishes:

3rd at The Warrenton Invitational Tournament

3rd in the Northwest League

3rd at the District Playoffs

Our top players received these awards:

Lexi Delgado -- 1st Team All-League in the Northwest League

All-Tournament at the Oktoberfest Invitational

Most Valuable Player – Team Vote

Coach's Award

Lexi additionally became the 4th player in Delphi Volleyball history to hit over 500 (503) attack kills in a 2-season period

LouElla Taufer -- 2nd Team All-League in the Northwest League

Spirit Award – Team Vote

Cat Veliz -- 2nd Team All-League in the Northwest League

Top Ace (87)

Eva Drazkowski -- Honorable Mention in the Northwest League

100% Award – Team Vote

Jolie Ramos -- Most Improved Player – Team Vote


The Dragons' Varsity will have 7-8 open spots next season and we will be in a brand new League with a tougher field and new territory to conquer. Players coming up from Middle School as well as players from the JV teams and new arrivals alike will be vying for positions! Makes for much excitement as Delphi Volleyball shoots for a Big Step-up!!

Gooooooo Dragons!! And Gooooooo Delphi!!

Coach John Kertchem

Delphi Dragons Volleyball