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What It Means To Be A Student Council Officer At Delphian
What It Means To Be A Student Council Officer At Delphian

Student council members create a symphony with the orchestra that is the Delphian school. They try not to overlook students' strengths and talents, as they find their spot in the orchestra; whether that be in the violin or trumpet section, every individual in the group is there, playing their part. This system, this group of people, keeps the school running as well as possible, expanding consistently. The officers are like the conductors of the orchestra, standing at the front and finely tuning everything to ensure that the concert that is each day runs smoothly. They are each over a specific section of student council, making sure that not only their section runs smoothly, but that it flows with every other component of the school to create a structure that benefits everyone. This system is forever expanding and shifting to fit everyone's needs.

The school environment as a whole is kept up by the students. Officers especially play a huge role in the upkeep of not only the school itself, but the entire student body, planning a lot of activities, ensuring there aren't any problems, and making sure that people are getting the most out of their experiences at Delphian. An officer is a position of utmost responsibility, and the jobs are given only to a select group of individuals. These people work hard all of the time to help the school.

The officers of many different areas have actually helped me personally. I struggled with various practical areas, and multiple times there has been an officer who was more experienced in that area able to help me. The officers really help to create the Delphian experience for new students. As students start the Delphian program, the officers can become people they look up to and who can help them in a variety of ways.

Overall, the officers do a lot to improve the school and take responsibility for it. They try their absolute hardest to make the Delphian school an amazing and comfortable place full of magic for anyone who attends. The officers help us keep our orchestra sounding beautiful and assist us in learning new symphonies and new ways to work together each day.

-Raina Schofield
Form 6 Student