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Willamina Harvest Festival 2017
Willamina Harvest Festival 2017

West Valley Community Campus hosted the 2017 Harvest Festival this past Saturday September 23rd. The event highlighted local farmers and featured educational activities relating to farming. In attendance were several farmers and local businesses as well as over two hundred and fifty community members.

Delphian students and staff volunteers hosted three educational activity stations in addition to helping vendors set up and take down their displays before and after the event.

The three Delphian stations manned by volunteer staff and students included an art workshop, a flour milling and dehydrating food education station and pumpkin painting. The art workshop was led by Delphian's art teacher and artist Russty Gill.

The flour milling and food dehydrating station was led by Delphian science teacher Diego Martinez showing the science behind harvesting grains and the process of grinding them down into flour for the consumer.

The dehydrating activity, educated attendants on the science behind freeze drying and dehydrating as a preservation technique for food. The station had a real dehydrator present to use as an example.

For younger attendees the third Delphian booth's activity was pumpkin painting.