Day Students

Throughout its history Delphian has a tradition of day students contributing to our community life. Day students are complete members of the Delphian community. They often remain on campus until late evening to study and socialize with friends. They are welcome at all meals, weekend activities, and all school functions. 

And yet, we know it can be challenging to be a day student (or parent of a day student) in a “boarding” school. We understand the effort families make on a daily basis to transport, support, and nurture their children. The Campus Life office does our best to help support families of day students, from sending out weekly email updates about upcoming weekend trips, to weather updates, and other timely and specific information for day student families.  Below are a few important details day families need to know for this upcoming 2019-20 school year. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please email Mary Price at


Arrival & Orientation Day

Arrival & Orientation Day:

Please plan to arrive between 8:30-9:15am on Orientation Day (September 3rd) to complete your enrollment process and then stay for Orientation Day. The Orientation Day program will begin at 10:15am and continue until lunch. After lunch there will be optional activities available to you, including a seminar about preparation for college and careers, buggy rides to the pond and local wine-tasting. Dinner will be an all-school barbecue. When you arrive to enroll your child on the 3rd, you will receive a complete agenda for Orientation Day.

Bus Service

Bus service:

Delphian School has a service for local parents if you'd like to take advantage of it. Local parents can drop their children off at one of our buses and they will then be transported to the school. The bus arrives daily in the Albertson's parking lot from 7:35 AM to 7:45 AM, and it will leave at 7:45 AM sharp. This will give the children time to eat breakfast at school and get to class on time.

Part of this service is also a return trip from the school. It leaves the school at 5:05 PM and returns to the Albertson's parking lot by approximately 5:30. If parents ever wish their Upper School aged children to be left to wait at Starbucks, for example, to be picked up at a later time after the school bus has left, this needs to be requested in writing. An email request would suffice.

This service runs Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Also if there is inclement weather and the Sheridan schools are closed or on delayed bus schedules, the Mac Bus Run will not take place. This only happens when there is snow or ice or some other situation that would threaten the safety of all.

The cost for this service is $100.00 per month for the fall term and is part of a local student's contract.

Staying Overnight in Dorms

Day student staying overnight in dorms:

Each day student (or five-day boarder on the weekend) may stay the night in the dorms for single nights for school activities requiring them to be on campus early in the morning or late at night, on approval by Campus Life.

The first ten nights are free of charge and anything beyond that would have a fee of $35 per single night. Payment can be made directly through the parent portal at

On approval from Campus Life, if parents choose to have their child stay the night for any reason beyond the occasional late or early school activity or an occasional sleepover, they will pay the established higher overnight-stay rate of $75 per night, which is close to what a boarder would pay. Any stay beyond two weeks would require a new boarding contract, not the nightly fee.

Campus Life is responsible for tracking this and collecting the fee as needed. Please contact Mary Price at 48 or more hours in advance of the night you wish your child to stay in the dorm. In addition to their personal clothing and school materials, students will need to bring: sleeping bag, pillow, personal hygiene products, towel and an alarm clock.