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Elementary & Middle School Update

Upcoming Activities

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Helpful Academic Information

Academic Program

Our Elementary and Middle Schools are studying at a rough equivalent to the 4th grade through 8th grade levels. Since many students enter our program at different ages and abilities, each classroom has some diversity in the individual study programs of the students.

At the time of fall start up, here is a list of the classes:

Elementary Form 3 - Nikki Miller

Middle Form 4 and MS Entry - Tami McCole

Middle Form 5, Form 6 Entry and International Entry - Corey Orthmann

As students complete their programs in each classroom, they move up to the next class, eventually finishing in Corey’s class and moving to the Upper School. Students can move to the Upper School to either Form 6 or in the case of an international student, Form 6 Entry.


As many of you know, we have a tradition of putting on large assemblies for the Middle and Upper Schools on the fourth floor every couple of months to acknowledge students, share successes and hear from our headmaster. For all students in the Middle School, attendance is required, and it is strongly suggested for Elementary students to attend with their parents.

At 5:45 p.m. before each assembly, day families are invited to a meet-and-greet in the Middle School with the supervisors, school heads and deans. This will include an informal Q&A, networking with fellow parents, discussion of the program and anything else parents are interested in chatting about. Light refreshments will be served.

Our upcoming assemblies following the meet and greet start at 7:00 p.m. on October 26th and December 14th.

Study Hall

Elementary and Middle School students are assigned to a nightly study hall of 45 minutes. Day students who want to attend study hall need to coordinate with their supervisor, and to participate in evening student service as well.

Afternoon Classes, Evening Activities & Clubs

Afternoon Classes

We offer a variety of afternoon classes for our students. Students are able to rotate through classes every couple of months, potentially participating in each one at some point during the year if they wish.

Here is a sampling of classes offered this term that may be available to your child depending on their academic class assignment:

  • Art Exploration
  • Ceramics
  • Music
  • Choir
  • Strings
  • Maker Space
  • Woodshop
  • RC (remote controlled) Cars
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Computer Basics
  • Physical Education
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Digital Arts
  • Orchestra
  • Conditioning

Additional Activities:

On Fridays from 12:40 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., Forms 3 and 4 attend martial arts class in McMinnville.

The Elementary and Middle School music program choir and orchestra are for all Elementary and Middle School students. Their first concert, the Fall Festival, is on Thursday, November 1.

Evening Activities

In the evenings, we offer a variety of clubs for Elementary through Upper School students based on their interests. The days and times of these clubs will be announced after the first week of school:

  • Cooking club
  • Astrophysics club
  • Beekeeping club
  • Magic the Gathering club
  • Chess club
  • Way to Happiness club
  • Youth for Human Rights club
  • Badminton club
  • Cycling club
  • Debate club
  • Writing club
  • Basketball club

The Practical Program

Practical refers to learning activities outside the academic classroom. For example:

  • art, music, drama, choir
  • physical education and interscholastic sports
  • individual and group projects
  • clubs
  • student service and student council
  • The practical program is designed to help students achieve these things:

    1. Do things.
    2. Test things learned in the real world.
    3. Build confidence.
    4. Balance in-class study with out-of-class experience.
    5. Create knowledge.

    The goal of the practical program is to show young people they can truly participate in, and contribute to, the world in which they live.

    Opportunities for practical experience are unlimited. Your child’s supervisor will be the coordinator of the practical aspects of the program as well as for the academic side.

    Form 5 Current Events Seminar - Fall 2018

    Welcome to Form 5 Current Events for the 2018 fall term!

    Location & Meeting Time

    Fridays at 1:15 p.m. in the Middle School seminar room.

    Schedule & Syllabus

    • September 14 - Introduction to current events. What will we study? How will we study it?
    • September 21 - Trip to Oregon’s state capitol.
    • September 28 - How do we research the news? How do I know what’s true and what’s false?
    • October 5 - The three branches of the U.S. government, part 1: Congress
    • October 19 - The three branches, part 2: the President
    • October 26 - Pre-midterm elections special: How does voting work?
    • November 9 - The three branches, part 3: The Supreme Court
    • November 16 - The Bill of Rights
    • November 30 - Why do we pay taxes?

    Seminar Leader and Contact Info

    Corey Orthmann

    Middle School Head | corey.orthmann@delphian.org

    Rules & Helpful Information

    Questions about campus life? Contact Mary Price at maryp@delphian.org
    • Accordion
    • Calendar

    Electronics Policy

    For the last few years, we have been engaged and active on the topic of limiting the excessive use and dependence upon electronic devices or “screens” for entertainment.

    As we go into our fall session, we are asking parents not to send any electronics with their child beyond a phone. Creating a more screen-free environment will provide opportunities for your child to engage with others in active and meaningful ways; ways that are not fostered by current screen dependence prevalent today.

    Often when screens are available, the first response to “down time” is to reach into a pocket for a screen to provide entertainment. When this occurs, the opportunity to exercise one’s own imagination and creativity is lost. Any kind of dependence on such a device can be a detriment to our students’ productivity and creativity, not to mention their school work. When their devices are easily available, it has proven to be difficult for some students to stay off them.

    It has been our experience that unlimited access to devices can tempt students to watch shows, interact on social media, play games, etc., instead of participating in live activities and communication. prevent students from getting adequate rest as well. Students can be easily tempted to watch shows, interact on social media, play games, etc., well into the night. To combat this tendency, your child's supervisor will keep their phone until the end of the academic day. Students will not have access to their phones during morning break or lunch. If you need to reach your child (or your child needs to reach you) your child's supervisor will ensure that happens.

    MS Girls Volleyball - What To Expect


    I am Nikki Miller. Kelly Olivares and I will be coaching the MS Volleyball team.

    Before our season starts, we wanted to give you some information that will be of use to you.


    The jersey is supplied by the school, but the following gear will need to be provided by the student:

    Solid black shorts for games (typically Spandex)

    Knee pads

    Athletic tennis shoes (no Converse-type)


    You can find the team's schedule on the school’s website:


    There will be a 7th grade team and an 8th grade team. They haven't been decided yet, but you will be able to find out what team your student is on later next week.

    Dinner for away games:

    We will stop for dinner on the way back from away games, so the student will need $8.00-$12.00 to get food. If we win a game, we also will go for a treat.

    If you have any questions or need to contact me, you can either email or text me directly. I am also easily accesible after away games if you are wanting to know more about our arrival that day.

    Here is to a great season, and I hope to see many of you at our games!


    Nikki Miller



    MS Boys Soccer - What To Expect

    Hi Folks,

    My name is James Horton, and I'll be the Middle School soccer coach this year. I'm looking forward to an exciting season working with your children! For the first week, until I arrive back to school Sam Silver will be capably filling in as coach.

    Although it is called Middle School Soccer and it is primarily a team for our Middle School students, it is open to some of the younger students from our Upper School and to some of the students from our Elementary School. And it is not limited to boys; girls are welcome as well. If you are receiving this e-mail, it is because your child has expressed interest in being on the team.


    The jersey is supplied by the school.

    Each player must have his or her own:

    Black shorts

    Shin guards (should not be tiny but should be big enough to cover much of the shin)

    Black soccer socks (must be long enough to completely cover over the shin guards)

    Soccer cleats (not baseball or football)

    Backpack (for carrying around gear so it doesn't get lost)

    Note that your child should have a pair of sandals or sneakers in that backpack to allow a change into something to wear while on the bus or in the dining room. And you might want to get two or three pairs of soccer socks to allow for laundry, if one goes missing, etc.


    You can easily track the schedule by going to the school's website:


    You'll see we have twelve games, and the first one is this coming Monday, 9/10. You'll also notice that the games always start at 4:00pm and are on Mondays or Wednesdays. If you click on "Details" for an away game, you can get Google directions to the game.

    You can sign up for alerts on that page of the website. There's a little blue "Alerts" button that allows you to do this. Alerts will tell you about upcoming games and if something changes about them.

    Away games and dinner:

    Our games usually end by 5:30. On away games we then drive to a place to eat (almost always this is Panda Express). To eat there costs around $8.00-$12.00 (depending on the appetite). Sometimes (rarely) we'll stop afterwards for frozen yogurt too, which costs around $4.00. Please be sure that on days with away games your child brings money for food.

    Rendezvous after away games:

    All of our away games have us returning from the direction of Salem or Amity. The best options for picking up your child after away games are either in Sheridan by TJ's Market or up at the school itself. Our arrival back depends on many factors; usually it is between 7:30pm and 9:00pm. We may need to coordinate on how we will rendezvous. You can always e-mail me at jamesh@delphian.org

    You can call me at this number:


    Please feel free to contact me any time about questions you may have.


    James Horton

    Middle School Soccer Coach

    MS Basketball Season - What To Expect

    Middle School Basketball

    Girls Basketball Coach: TBD


    Boys Basketball Coach: Sam Silver

    Contact: (503) 949-8706

    Basketball practice will start right after volleyball and soccer wrap up, during the 3:10-4:10pm period. Girls play their games before winter break, boys play theirs afterwards. This year we are playing in a West Valley middle school league, against local schools such as Sheridan, Willamina and Perrydale. For away games on weekdays, the team stops at a grocery store before the game to get food for snack and dinner. There are approximately eight away games in the season for each team. The girls will generally return to the school around 7:30pm, and the boys, because they have both 7th and 8th grade teams, will return around 8:30pm.

    Boys’ Schedule


    Girls’ Schedule


    Note: A couple of our away games this year pass through McMinnville and arrangements, for day parents and students, can be made with the coach to drop off your child at Lowes.

    Student Service Program Explained

    The Student Service Program

    A significant part of the Delphian practical program is the student service program we provide. It is a unique opportunity for students to experience a real job and working environment. It is designed to enrich their education and allow them to learn, improve, and ultimately “own” their school. Students are eligible to start this program at age 11.

    Through the student services program, students contribute to the operation and maintenance of the school for 50 minutes each weekday and a few hours on the weekend, scheduled so as to avoid interference with the student’s academic program. This program is designed to give experience working at all kinds of jobs as a part of a group. Students work with the other students and staff at Delphian in creating a functioning, well-run school. This program teaches lessons in hard work, gives a student the experience of having a job or position of responsibility and helps them to learn about and experience a more real-world situation.

    In general, the student service program gives students chances to build leadership skills, to develop responsibility and to grow by experiencing success and failure in a safe and supportive environment. Students experience learning from mistakes and trying again; and at the higher levels, it develops a broadening leadership and responsibility.

    For day families, this can pose a challenge, as most student services are after dinner, starting at 6:30pm. You can discuss your child participating in the program with his or her supervisor.

    Middle School Student Council

    The Student Council is a body of students consisting of the most responsible in the academic and practical areas. These students work with the faculty and staff at Delphian in creating a functioning, well-run school. Student council members create the weekend activities, initiate community service, set and uphold standards and through these actions, learn how to lead and manage a group.

    Once a student has been invited to join the Student Council, they are given basic training to help them be successful on their new position. From that point, students are expected to make the most of their position, to challenge themselves to create good results from their position and to be leaders in the student body.

    Day Parent Orientation

    General evening and weekend schedule points:

    Note: This will be emailed to you as well so that you can refer to it both soft and hard copy.

    Because students participating in weekend activities, sports and other clubs or functions often wind up on campus late, we provide nine nights a year for days students to sleepover in the dorms, free of charge. Once these days are used, if more nights are wanted, the price is $50 per night and can be paid through the parent portal under “payments.” for the link. Click here for the link.

    As it has been in the fall term, students in the Elementary and Middle school need to be off the campus by dorm check, which is 9:00pm. For Upper School students, that time is 10:00pm.

    On the weekend, the time for ES and MS is 9:45pm on Fridays and 10:30pm on Saturdays. For Upper School students, it’s 11:30pm on both nights.

    Weekend Activities

    If your child will be here on the weekend, they are welcome to attend the weekend activities. These are sent to you, along with the week’s Co-Curricular activities by Mary Price, Director of Campus Life, each week. If your child plans to be here on the weekend for more than just the weekend activity, they are also assigned a weekend student service. These student services last for three hours and can be done on either day.

    To help put on activities, academic classes are usually assigned either clean up or set up. If your child’s class is assigned clean up or set up, but will not be here for the activity because they’re at home that weekend, they are of course excused from the clean up or set up assignment.

    Here is the link to the all-school activities calendar: http://www.delphian.org/student-life/all-school-ca...

    Day Parent FAQ's

    Day Families: Frequently Asked Questions

    Daily Schedule

    How can I know my child’s schedule and program?

    The academic supervisor can help you with that and discuss all details about your child’s program, schedule and daily Delphian life. Much of this information is also available online, and your child’s supervisor can also help you access this.

    I want my child to be involved in after school activities like dance lessons, piano lessons, local soccer club, local theater, etc. How can I arrange this in coordination with the school schedule?

    In many cases, because of the individualized nature of the Delphian program, this can be arranged as a part of the student’s program and schedule. Your child’s supervisor will work with you to coordinate the details around the schedule and help you make this happen however they can.

    I would like my child to get a job after school, but it doesn’t seem like Delphian’s schedule allows for it. Does it?

    Although the school schedule can be pretty packed at times, if your child wants to get a job after school, this is very supported. This would be something to coordinate with the academic supervisor in terms of logistics. The supervisor can help arrange the schedule and work with you on this.

    My child says they need to be at the school in the evening to do study hall and student service. I’d like them to do their chores at home. Do they also have to have a student service at the school?

    You are the parents and the school is here to support you. If you have chores you would like your children to do and want him to study at home, we support this. However, once your child is in the upper school, they will also be required to do student services each day at the school as a significant part of their practical program.

    Our student service program offers a unique opportunity for students to experience a real job and working environment from a young age. It’s designed to enrich their education and allow them to learn, improve, and to ultimately own their school. Participation and success on the student service program is a requirement for graduation as it is a vital part of attaining the logo points of integrity, responsibility and leadership.

    For day families, this can pose a challenge, as many student services positions are at night. We try to give the positions that can be done during the afternoon periods to day students only, and we are working to create more positions like this. However, students who want to be in choir while also participating in sports generally need to do their student services in the evenings due to their full afternoon schedule. We do all we can to give them the earlier student service times, which start around 6:30pm and end around 7:20pm.

    When does the day end for day students?

    This depends on the needs of the individual student. Our school day officially ends after the students’ last afternoon activity. For Upper School students, that’s 6:00pm. For Middle School and below, it’s 5:00pm. (Note: for Upper School students who are participating in choir and a sport, this time is extended to include student services or student council duties.)

    However, if it is wanted by the student and their family, day students may participate in projects, clubs, study halls, evening practices for sports teams and any other activity in the evening, free of charge.

    My child’s class won a class game and got to sleep in. I have a younger child who has to be at school at the regular time and I found out about the game at the last minute. How can I avoid that problem?

    Your child and their supervisor would be responsible for talking with you about that. If a class is playing a game, it’s known for at least a week prior to the prize. If your child is in a winning class game and wants to be able to sleep in along with their classmates, this might be a good time to use a free night in the dorms.

    How can my child get a locker? Is there a place where they can change their clothes for sports and afternoon classes?

    A locker is provided for all elementary and middle school students in their classroom. Your upper school child can contact the Campus Life office if they wish to be assigned a locker.

    Students can use the gym locker room or changing stalls in the shower area of the bathrooms to change for afternoon classes.

    My child got restricted to campus. What does that mean for a day student?

    A restricted day student is restricted for one week from attending weekend activities on or off campus and from using the recreation room. They are also assigned extra student service jobs on the weekend. If a day student is not here on the weekends, the Campus Life area will arrange another time when your child will do student service work during his afternoon class time.

    Evening Schedule

    Can my children participate in evening clubs?


    Can students study at home in the evening?

    Of course! Your child’s supervisor will be happy to arrange homework and

    coordinate with you on class work to be done each evening.

    How late can my child stay on campus? Do they have to stay that late?

    Day and staff students are expected to be on their way home by the dorm check time appropriate for their age and school. For Elementary and Middle School this is 9:00pm on Sunday through Thursday; 9:45pm for Friday and 10:30pm for Saturday. For the Upper School, it is 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday and 11:30pm for Friday and Saturday nights.

    Day and staff students are not required to stay this late, nor are they required to stay for clean up teams after an evening weekend activity.

    My child wants to have a sleepover at our home with some boarding students. Is that allowed? How do I work that out?

    That can be arranged with Mary Price in the Campus Life area. A signed parental waiver will be needed from the visiting students’ parents.

    Is it possible for my child to stay overnight at the school if there is a very early sports trip or other activity? Do I have to pay? How do I arrange this?

    Day students may stay overnight in the dorms up to nine nights per year at no charge. A student can stay additional nights for a nightly fee of $50. Payment can be arranged with Mary Price in the Campus Life area.


    Are you open during observed holidays?

    We have classes for all holidays during our in session days of school term except for Thanksgiving day. We have class the day after Thanksgiving, usually starting later in the morning.

    Lateness, absences and Illness

    Who do I call if we’re running late in the morning?

    If you are running late, please email attendance@delphian.org by 8:30am.

    Who do I contact if my child won’t be in school for some reason?

    If there is a need to miss school, please coordinate with the academic supervisor. If your child wakes up and is sick, or has a medical appointment that requires him to miss part of the day, please email attendance@delphian.org to explain what is happening with your child so that we can be aware of and take preventative health measures in our close-knit community. If your child is going to miss multiple days due to illness, please email a daily update by 8:30am.

    How do I get my child back into school after being sick?

    If your child has been sick at home, he/she should check in with the medical office before returning to class.


    Can my child eat dinner at the school? What about us (parents)?

    In the school year, the meal fee covers the number of meals appropriate for the student's academic schedule and school activities, rather than a specific number of meals.

    The meal fee covers the enrolled student only, not family members. Parents are, of course, welcome to have a meal at no charge when invited to such things as a parent conference taking place near a mealtime or special events advertised to parents, e.g. science fairs, parent association meetings or assembly.

    If the parent comes to pick the child up at 5pm with no other school activities to attend, it isn't expected that the parent and the child would have dinner. But if the student is going to be attending a club meeting in the evening, then having dinner would be appropriate.

    Miscellaneous Activities Not on the Calendar

    How can we know when there is an exception to professional dress day on Fridays, a “green day” for school spirit or other things like this at school?

    This information will come from your child, and depending on the age of the student, their academic supervisor will also follow up to ensure you are aware of any changes like this.

    How do we find out about schedule changes, like a change in a trip on Friday night?

    Your child and his/her academic supervisor are the main people to get information from about the school day. You may sometimes also receive information of this kind from Mary Price, who helps coordinate the evening and weekend schedule and helps coordinate with day families. Her number is (503) 843-5819 or (971) 241-5542.

    Other Resources:

    My child is having trouble at home. Can he see ethics at the school to handle that?

    The supervisor, school head and ethics advisor are all here to help ensure your child is meeting the graduation requirements for their form. This includes the appropriate level of manners, communication, responsibility, integrity and leadership for each form. If there is a situation coming up where it looks as if the requirements aren’t being met because of poor behavior at home or with you as the student’s parents, please communicate about it with the supervisor, who will look into it and see what can be done to help resolve this.

    What are the duties of my child’s Faculty Advisor (FA)? How do I interact?

    The faculty advisor is an additional adult an Upper School student can talk to when they need help, validation or encouragement. The FA assists you in the celebration of your child’s birthday at school, hosts your visits at the school and can help with questions, support and as a liaison for you with other areas in the school regarding your child’s care and progress through their education. Additionally, several times a year, the FA will take your child and his other FA “brothers and sisters” out for dinner and a movie or some other excursion together.

    What are the duties of my child’s day Personal Teacher?

    Our Elementary day students have Personal Teachers who are lunch mates and someone for the student to talk to if any assistance is needed beyond the supervisor. Middle School day students are not assigned Personal Teachers as they are permitted to have meals without an adult. The teachers/supervisors remain the main contact point for parents.

    When do I interact with the School Head or the Ethics Advisor?

    Any time you have questions that aren’t being resolved with your child’s supervisor or would like to discuss the Delphian program more broadly, your child’s School Head is happy to meet with you. The School Heads are as follows:

    • Elementary and Middle School Head (and Lower Dean): Judi Glenski (503) 843-5898.
    • International Entry and Entry Head: Mari Young (503) 843-6996.
    • Form 6 Head: Amy Marshall (503) 843-6997.
    • Forms 7-8 Head: Kaellagh Bennett (503) 843-5864.

    If there is a situation where your child is working with the Ethics Advisor, Grant Curry, he may call you to update you on how the work is going, to hear your feedback or to fill you in on a situation that has come up. Most often, this information will come from the supervisor or school head.


    How can we know when the sports trips or weekend trips will return?

    You will receive an email each week about the weekend activities and schedules. If your child is on a sports team, they can coordinate with the coach to get an idea of the return time and call you. For younger students, the coach will let you know the approximate return time once the game has ended.

    How do we arrange for a drop off in McMinnville for sports games or late night trips? Can my child be taken to our home?

    We cannot take your child home, but we can arrange for a stop in McMinnville if the trip is in that direction. Your child can let the coach or chaperone know that they want to be dropped off to meet you in McMinnville, and they can then let you know approximately what time that drop off will be.

    Theater Productions

    Can I get a schedule for the play that gives me which nights and weekends my child will be needed?

    This is an area we are working on to make more efficient. For the upcoming Parents’ Weekend play this spring, we are hoping to have a roughly planned rehearsal schedule that might work better for day families.


    How do I find out about or sign up for the weekday bus service?

    To get more information or to sign up for this service, contact the head of student transportation at transportation@delphian.org.

    If my child has a driver’s license, can they drive to school? Can they drive other students back to our house?

    This would be arranged with Mary Price in Campus Life. Mary will help arrange the waivers and agreement forms that can allow your child to drive to school with a valid driver’s license. This arrangement may include driving their own siblings, but not other enrolled students.

    Is there any evening transportation available?

    The school provides transportation to McMinnville each day at 5:00 PM, departing from the back parking lot. In the letter that came out recently from the Dean, Kelly Hepburn, she asked a survey question about evening driving later in the evening. We look forward to your responses on this so that we can move forward in seeing what might be arranged for day families.

    Volunteer and Job Opportunities

    Do you have a work/study program where my child could get paid for working there?

    At times, we have a food services position on the weekend available to students who want to work for pay. There is an age requirement of 16 years old. Students who are interested can apply with Chris Baumgardner in our HR department.

    What can I do to volunteer at the school?

    Thank you for your help! Chris Baumgardner is the person from our HR department who can arrange this with you. His contact is (503) 843-5813.

    Weekend Activities and Student Services

    Are the weekend activities just for boarders? How can I learn about them and when they start/end? How do I know when to plan to pick up my child?

    The weekend activities are open to day students as well as boarding students. All students are encouraged to attend and enjoy these activities. A weekly email goes out to day families with details about the weekend activities from Mary Price.

    Do day students have to do weekend student service?

    If your child is not going to be here on the weekend, then a weekend student service isn’t required. If your child is at the school on the weekend, they will be assigned a weekend student service. Each student service is a three hour period, either Saturday or Sunday.

    How can we know when the sports trips or weekend trips will return?

    You will receive an email each week about the weekend activities and schedules. If your child is on a sports team, they can coordinate with the coach to get an idea of the return time and call you. For younger students, the coach will let you know the approximate return time once the game has ended.

    Who to Call

    How do I know who to call about various topics?

    • For academic information, questions or concerns on the student’s general program, graduation requirements or ethics work: call the academic supervisor.
    • For non-academic subjects such as personal necessities your child may need for an activity: call the personal teacher or faculty advisor.
    • For broad discussion about the school program, general feedback as a parent or major concerns that aren’t resolving with the supervisor or teacher: call your child’s school head.
    • For schedule information or questions about academic subjects such as assembly, class periods, projects, and more: call the academic supervisor.
    • For schedule information about sports teams, afternoon or evening classes and clubs, student services, weekend activities and more: call Mary Price, the Day Parent Liaison, at (503) 843-5819 or (971) 241-5542.
    • For school absence or illness: email attendance@delphian.org by 8:30am.
    • If you aren’t sure who to contact: call the Day Parent Liaison or your child’s supervisor.

    Personal Expense Money Policy

    Each student should have a credit or debit card to be used for personal expenses during the school year. The school has an ATM machine for times when cash is needed. Credit cards, debit cards or pre-paid credit/debit cards can be purchased anywhere gift cards are sold or through your banking institution. Many bank-issued cards offer parental control features.

    Elementary and Middle School students have a Personal Teacher who will help manage the student's personal expenses. The Personal Teacher can hold the card and oversee the card's use by the student as designated on the form by the parents.

    We offer a personal expense form to be used as a worksheet to estimate a student's personal expenses for the school year. Each student needs money for a weekly allowance, weekend trips, emergency medical expenses, etc. Parents approve expenditures by completing this form.

    Boarding Student - Required Packing List

    What to Bring

    Room Supplies

    • Bedding—blankets, comforter, sheets, pillowcases, pillow, padded mattress cover or memory foam
    • mattress topper
    • Towels and washcloths
    • Bathrobe and slippers
    • Alarm clock and wristwatch
    • Reading lamp
    • Small iron and ironing board are recommended (auto shut-off)
    • Plastic food storage containers with sealing lids (large and small) for storing snacks in dorm room
    • Fan

    Personal Supplies

    • Soap, toothbrush, deodorant, laundry detergent, etc.
    • Shower caddy
    • Perfumes, colognes and excessively scented lotions or sprays are discouraged.
    • (There is a small bookstore on campus that can provide some basic supplies.)

    School supplies

    • Classroom supplies (pencils, pens, notebooks, calculator, scissors, stapler)
    • Dictionary
    • (Upper School students only) Laptop computer.
    • (Some basic school supplies are available at the school bookstore.)


    • School clothes for regular weekdays
    • Dressier clothes for Fridays
    • Rugged and warm clothing for outdoor activities
    • Specialized sports clothes, as necessary (skiing, tennis, etc.)
    • Raincoat and/or hooded parka
    • Boots for rain
    • Hiking boots
    • Warm gloves


    • Sleeping bag
    • Backpack
    • Debit/credit card
    • Flashlight
    • Musical instruments
    • Specialized athletic equipment (skiing, tennis, etc.)
    • Laundry marker
    • Helmet (if student will be riding a bicycle or using rollerblades)
    • Knee pads and wrist guards (for rollerbladers)

    Identifying Possessions

    All student’s possessions, especially clothing, should be plainly marked with the student’s name. While the school makes every effort to care for the property of its students, it is not considered liable for any loss that may occur. Parents are urged to secure a homeowner’s insurance policy which includes their child’s possessions while away at school. An excellent site for washable, permanent labels is Label Daddy.

    Items Not Allowed at Delphian

    • Pets
    • Televisions
    • Motorcycles
    • Firearms, knives or dangerous weapons
    • High wattage appliances (toaster ovens, hot plates, etc.)
    • Pornography
    • Hazardous explosives or flammables (candles, incense, propane, etc)

    Boarding Student - Prohibited Items

    Prohibited items:

    The following items are not allowed in the resident dorms.

    -animals: only small fish in small fishbowl is allowed

    -weapons, simulated weapons or potentially dangerous items of any kind, including knives, martial arts equipment and even fake guns

    -any heat producing or cooking devices such as hot plates, hot pots, toasters, televisions, microwave ovens, electric blankets. A space heater is allowed if it has auto turn off when heater tips/falls over.

    -any flammable materials such as candles, lighter fluid, fireworks, or incense.

    -any items that create flame such as matches or lighters

    -recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco products

    -posters, pictures, banners or other items that reference drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, hatred, sexual or otherwise inappropriate content.

    2018 Delphian Immunization Rates

    Delphian School

    Delphian School