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Vidigami is our secure cloud-based photo management platform designed to give parents and students a snapshot of everything happening at Delphian School. 

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With Delphian School having students from K to 12th grade, the amount of memories being made and new adventures each day is amazing.  We wanted a platform to share these memories with our school community, and Vidigami fit our needs.  

Just think if you have a kindergartner in 2019, by the time they graduate from Delphian School in 2034 you will have an electronic photo album of all their school years and their work!  How beautiful is that?  

Delphian has a vibrant student body with so many experiences to capture and share, we can't wait for you to be a part of them all.  Whether it is a field trip, sporting event, theatre performances, weekend activity or classroom event, we all can easily capture and share these moments within our community.  

So jump in and join our community.  Starting sharing your school photos today!

Vidigami is the photo-sharing platform that delphian school uses to organize and share photos from all school events.

Users can upload photos from campus life or school events, download full-resolution photos for free, tag photos, search for photos by name, and even purchase various photo-printed goods (mugs, t-shirts, etc.) from the Vidigami shop.

It is all private and secure, open only to the Delphian School community. Each school year is only accessible to students and parents who were enrolled during that year.

how do I log in to Vidigami?

Vidigami is an invitation-only media management and sharing platform. Each user must be invited to join a school’s Vidigami before they can view and / or contribute media. During the first few week of school newly enrolling parents will receive an activation email from Vidigami to set up a new account. 

If you did not receive this email, check your spam or clutter folder. If it’s not in there, email us to request an invite. After you’ve set up your account, simply visit to log in. Your username will be the email address we have on file for you.

Once your account is Activated, go to and login with your email / password or your Google / Microsoft credentials. You will use these same credentials when logging in through the Vidigami app on your mobile device.

Reenrolling parents will be able to use the same credentials year after year while their child is enrolled and and after graduation. Think of Vidigami as your forever photo album of your child's Delphian School days.

we need help tagging faces!

Vidigami allows users to tag faces in photos. Once a face has been manually tagged in several photos, automatic facial recognition starts working to tag that face in new photos where the face can be recognized. Over time, Vidigami will display a notification 🔔 when you log in to show you photos in which you were tagged. With so many faces on campus, we do not have the resources to do all the tagging.

We need your help: please tag any students you may know in any photos; now, or in the future. The more photos the community tags, the better Vidigami’s tagging system works. Please note that Vidigami’s auto-tagging does take some time to learn faces, and is not a perfect system. It does not recognize all faces, and will not tag faces it does not recognize. Having the photos tagged will be a big help when putting together school presentations of special events, sports team banquets, and of course, our yearbook.


See our short FAQ below, visit Vidigami support, or email.

More questions? Check out Vidigami's FAQ or customer service help desk.


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