What Will You Study?

What Will You Study?

The Delphian curriculum starts with the classic foundation of a well-rounded education: literature, science, mathematics, foreign languages, history and the arts. 

We have always believed the end goal of an education is to prepare young people with the skills and tools needed to become independent, capable adults who can act with integrity and judgment in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.

At Delphian, our promise is to help students master their academics in order to achieve the graduation requirements at their level and to gain the skills and abilities they need to go anywhere. We provide a safe study environment while providing the challenges and experiences needed to learn and grow into adulthood. 

Curriculum Chosen Carefully

Curated Curriculum

Too often education fails not from lack of dedicated faculty but from a failure in a school's curriculum. This is why Delphian has spent forty years (and counting) developing and refining a unique curriculum that doesn't just focus on classic academic subjects.

The Delphi Program™ only begins with the core academic subjects of literature, math, science, languages, history, and the arts.

It then expands into learning valuable real-life subjects such as communication, ethics and integrity, leadership, logic and human rights. Students can tailor their individual academic programs by adding a variety of elective courses to fill in any gaps from their previous education, bolster areas that may need extra attention and allow the student to pursue their interests.

Our unique graduation requirements allow each student to customize their academic program to best fit their interests while still achieving a high level of understanding and competence in each subject they study. 

Robust Reading Program

Robust Reading Program

The purpose of Delphian's literature program is to expose students to a wide range of literary works, broadening their views and their understanding of the world's cultures and civilizations.

Each level of the reading program builds upon the earlier level, encompassing a wide array of subjects including philosophy, art, history, biography and science.

Accompanying writing assignments are specifically designed to have no "right or wrong" answer. Instead, students are challenged to develop and evaluate their own ideas and viewpoints considering the historical, social and political period, and to discuss these rationally and logically, supported by their understanding of the book, their personal experiences and research.

Life Skills

Life Skills

In addition to the classic subjects, students study communication, leadership, the philosophy of ethics, planning and organizing skills and many other vital subjects related to life all of which are required to meet our graduation requirements

Our faculty work carefully with each student to create a learning environment where independence is nurtured. We aim to help students acquire useful information and skills without interrupting opportunities for them to learn to teach themselves.

If a student isn't becoming more independent and able to act with integrity and judgment, what's the point of education?

Through numerous assignments and projects, students are challenged to reason logically, to think with the information they are receiving, to come to their own conclusions and to try their own solutions. We give our students numerous opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them.

Practical Application

Practical Application

All students are involved in relevant, hands-on experiences that help them relate their studies to real life.

The Delphian program requires both academic and practical work to meet our graduation requirements. Practical application includes conducting experiments, participating in hands-on projects, community service and more.

The founding concept of the practical program is to encourage our students to use the subject they are learning, while they are learning it. 

The ability to use what they are learning in real life gives students the freedom to build limitless futures for themselves.

Delphian is a place for the curious, compassionate and driven. It's for those who lead by example—the doers, the makers and the fixers.

It's for those who live life to the fullest and love exploring and discovering. They want to see more, know more and help more. 

Our unique curriculum and approach to education, based on L. Ron Hubbard's educational philosophy and Study Technology, teaches students the most valuable skill of all: how to teach yourself anything you want to learn.

our approach

Campus Map

Delphian School Campus Map

OUr Mission 

To empower young adults to bring positive change in the world through reason, creativity and integrity. 

Our teachers, called academic supervisors, are the expert guides, always there to assist, support and encourage our students through each level of our program.

Core VAlues 

  • Each student is unique and should be addressed as an individual.

  • A student’s pursuit of learning should be self-determined.

  • Every student is capable of creating positive change in themselves and in others.

  • The potential for success in every individual is limitless.