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We have always believed the end goal of an education is to prepare young people with the skills and tools needed to become independent, capable adults who can act with integrity and judgment in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.

At Delphian, our promise is to help students master their academics and gain the skills and abilities they need to go anywhere. We provide a safe space with wide-ranging and gradually increasing challenges from which students learn and grow on their educational journey to adulthood. 

Find Your Future

"Delphian doesn't just teach students how to get a good grade to get into a good college. It teaches them how to set themselves up for a whole life of learning."

Gemma, student

Helping Students Take The Lead

Helping Students Take The Lead

Each student's academic program is personalized for their strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Their personalized program includes all the steps needed to achieve the graduation requirements, including multiple projects to help them connect their studies to the world around them.

Our teachers, called academic supervisors, are extensively trained in L. Ron Hubbard's educational philosophy and Study Technology. Academic supervisors serve as expert guides, there to emphasize purpose, interest, and comprehension as well as assist, support, and encourage student success. They ensure students are learning at their optimum pace on their program.

This approach allows students to learn for themselves how each subject can be useful in their life. They master critical thinking skills which allow them to absorb, use and evolve what they learn to forward their goals as they grow into independent, confident adults.

Individualized Academic Program

Individualized Academic Program

When students begin at Delphian, they work with their assigned academic supervisor to create a customized "program" - a list of courses they will study on their educational journey to achieving the abilities we expect from each student, as laid out in our graduation requirements.  

Creating this program begins with the academic supervisor and the student having an honest conversation about the student's strengths, weaknesses and interests. These are taken into account, along with the graduation requirements. 

Giving each student personalized, individual attention is not an add-on, but a requirement.

Forms Not Grades

Forms, Not Grades

At Delphian, we do not run on a year-by-year grade-level basis. Instead each student moves through their own individualized program at their own optimum pace, taking more time when needed and moving more rapidly whenever possible.

" I want to help solve the world's hardest problems, help people achieve their dreams, and make a civilization in the stars."

Emiliano, Class of 2020

In many schools utilizing the grade levels system, children move through their materials based on time rather than understanding. This model leaves many children stranded with educational holes. Delphian's forms approach is just the opposite, where learning is the constant and time is the variable as students work towards achieving our graduation requirements for each level.

This allows us to recognize each student as an individual, regardless of age, with the right to reason, to think creatively, to look at the world independently and to evaluate information for its relative importance and usefulness.


Broadening Views Through Literature

Broadening Views Through Literature

The purpose of Delphian's robust literature program is to provide students with exposure to a wide range of literary works, broadening their views and their understanding of the world's cultures and civilizations.

Each level of the reading program builds upon the earlier level, encompassing a wide array of subjects including philosophy, art, history, biography and science.

Accompanying writing assignments are specifically designed to have no "right or wrong" answer; instead students are challenged to evaluate and develop their own ideas and viewpoints compared against the historical, social and political period, and discuss them rationally and logically, supported by their own understanding of the book, personal experiences and research.

Practical Application

Practical Application

The Delphian program requires both academic and practical work to achieve our graduation requirements at each level.

The founding concept of our practical program is to encourage students to use the subject they are learning, while they are learning it.

The ability to use what one is learning in real life gives students the confidence and freedom to build a limitless future for themselves. Practical application can include conducting experiments, participating in activities, and completing a variety of hands-on projects. 

Our teachers, called academic supervisors, are the expert guides, always there to assist, support and encourage our students through each level of our program.

study technology

We have found the only reason students fail to learn is because they have never been taught how to learn. Every Delphian student is taught how to successfully learn any subject.

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OUr Mission 

To empower young adults to bring positive change in the world through reason, creativity and integrity. 

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Where to Start

All students arriving at Delphian start with an entry program, customized to fill in any gaps that may exist from their previous studies.