Two Upper School students use a microscope and write findings in the Delphian science lab

When international students arrive at Delphian, they are immediately immersed in a diverse student body.

Our international students live and study with dorm mates, sports teammates and new friends from around the world, surrounded by English as the common language of the student body. 

"My international entry program helped me improve my English level. I increased in both verbal and written English use. I learned a lot! I did a lot of math and I read a lot of books."

A.S. student

Courses Of Study

International entry is Delphian's dynamic English immersion program. It quickly and effectively teaches  use of the English language through a combination of intensive reading and writing plus study and practice of spoken communication. 

In the classroom, each international academic program is tailor-made for the student to build their English skills to the level needed to smoothly transition onto the core Delphi Program™.

"International entry gave me enough courage to talk with others in English."

M.Z. student

time expectation 

International entry programs are customized to the student's existing English speaking and writing level. Students work through their academic programs at their own speed, usually completing their program in eight to twelve months.

"I learned more than I expected. International entry helped me fix all the things I was struggling with in English and now I can use English with confidence."

S.R.v.  student

graduation requirements

International Entry

our approach

OUr Mission 

To empower young adults to bring positive change in the world through reason, creativity and integrity.