Children are like sponges—they absorb information at a fantastic rate. Their curiosity and desire to learn are inspiring, and these qualities must be supported and protected.

At Delphian we believe a child's early education lays the foundation for all further learning, so we help our Lower School students gain the knowledge they will use for a lifetime.  

Delphian's Lower School provides a rich program that teaches strong academic basics and invaluable life skills while nurturing each child’s natural curiosity. Lower School classrooms are happy, relaxed and positive. They are buzzing with productive activity, full of excited and eager students. Our friendly and helpful teachers treat each student with respect, interest and appreciation. 

In a Delphian Lower School classroom, each child is recognized as the unique individual they are.

"My oldest son went from not knowing how to read to reading not only words but simple sentences in just two weeks. It brings me great comfort knowing both my boys spend their days in a school where they are loved and appreciated, where their interests and personalities are not only preserved but cultivated."

M.H. Parent

Lower school student studying in Delphian classroom

academic program

Lower School students are at the beginning of their education adventure, so we focus on creating an environment that nurtures creativity, curiosity and an interest in learning.

Our students receive quality personal attention, while our curriculum opens a wide world for growing children to explore.

The Lower School curriculum's greatest emphasis is placed on reading, writing and mathematics, with an  introduction to subjects including geography, history, science, foreign languages, music, art, poetry and communication skills.

In addition, the method we use engages students in creative activities that encourage them to explore their surroundings and help them relate what they're learning to their lives.

Two lower school students reading in Delphian classroom

reading program

A brilliant and fascinating world opens up when you can read. The Lower School reading program aims to bring students into this world and set them on their way to becoming independent, lifelong readers.

We teach reading using an individualized, step-by-step approach and high quality reading materials. We ensure each student gains certainty at every level before moving on to the next step.

Each student will have read over 200 books by the time they have completed the Lower School reading program.

The Lower School reading curriculum includes phonics, spelling and handwriting. Each element supports and contributes to students becoming eager, confident readers who can study the rest of their academic subjects with confidence. 

"When my daughter first started, she was a little bit shy. This feeling fell away from her within a few weeks of starting school at Delphian. Today she is outgoing, loving and, in her words, "a brave girl" when it comes to interacting with children her own age or older kids and adults. "

K.H. Parent

practical program

Lower School students have a natural curiosity to learn about their world and how it works. We encourage this curiosity by giving our students opportunities to observe, examine and participate in their environment and to draw their own conclusions through research projects. 

Daily research assignments give students an opportunity to observe people, things and activities in their environment and learn first-hand about the world around them.

A normal research assignment could include searching the classroom for objects that fit certain adjectives.  On another morning the students might interview others, create a science fair presentation, or go on a class nature walk. This research allows students to explore, discover and determine how things work based on their own observations.

Science Fair

Enrichment Programs

lower school Age RANGE

Students begin in the Lower School as early as five years of age and typically graduate to the Elementary School around their ninth birthday.

Lower School student working one-on-one with teacher

our approach

" The teachers are positive, loving, extremely creative and confident in their ability to connect with children."

b.o. Parent


At a Glance

Quick Facts

2X daily

morning and evening bus service to McMinnville.


of our students receive genuine interest and respect from our faculty. 


built in after school program.


average # of books students read in the Lower School.


student to faculty ratio - small class sizes with lots of caring personal attention.


average # of minutes students spend practicing math daily.


average # of off-campus field trips per school year.


average # of minutes students spend researching and discovering how the world works daily.