Study Technology

At Delphian we have found that students fail to learn because they have never been taught how to learn. We use a method of study which allows a person to successfully learn any subject. This Study Technology (Study Tech) was developed by American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard

Study Tech does not involve minor things like study tips or memory tricks. It is an applied understanding of the learning process itself. By understanding how to learn, and what specific barriers prevent understanding, Delphian students discover that any lack of success in learning can be traced back to causes they can control. 

Study Tech explains why some students are motivated and some aren't. It teaches the early-warning signs which result in an inability to understand, apply and recall a subject they studied. 

Once mastered, Study Tech enables students to take genuine control over their education and, ultimately, their futures. Empowering students with an ability to study is an investment that pays off for a lifetime. This ability allows our graduates to learn what they want and need to learn to go anywhere they want to go in life.