Delphian Athletes from volleyball, basketball, soccer, cheer, tennis, and track.
Delphian track athlete racing in the State championship 100m relay
Four Delphian track athletes with gold medals
Delphian cheer team winning first place at the State Championship

Delphian views the soccer field or volleyball court as an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, self-confidence and the ability to work with their peers as a team.  

All Middle and Upper School students are required to participate in at least one interscholastic sports team before graduation. 

Delphian has a wide variety of interscholastic sports including soccer, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, competitive cheer, tennis, and track and field. Supporting our team sports program are a variety of elective individual recreational activities including hiking, yoga, conditioning, weight training, snowboarding, skiing, swimming and hiking.

Varsity Soccer away game
Varsity Soccer away game
Delphian Varsity Soccer District Award recipients
Varsity Soccer away game
Varsity Soccer players celebrating a goal in a championship game
Varsity soccer away game
Varsity soccer away game
Home volleyball game
Varsity Volleyball coach with district award recipients from the Delphian team
Volleyball team huddling in the gym during a game

Volleyball game in gym

Volleyball game in the gym
Volleyball game in gym
Volleyball game in gym
Cross country race on campus
Cross country meet off-campus
Delphian Cross Country athlete leads the pack at a meet on the coast
Cheerleading competition
Basketball game in the gym
Middle school basketball game in the Delphian gym
Tennis match at the Delphian tennis courts

Athletics Events

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Athletic Director OF The Year

athletic facilities 

  • Outdoor running track and field facility

  • Large gymnasium with basketball and volleyball courts, climbing wall, indoor running track and weight-lifting area

  • Four lighted tennis courts

  • Soccer field

  • Extensive outdoor trails for hiking, biking, cross-country running and walking 

  • Playground for younger students

  • Multi-purpose room overlooking the valley which is used for seminars, dances and events as well as yoga, Tae-Bo and other group fitness activities

Athletic Facilities

Exterior of the Delphian gym and sunset

Gym entrance

Gym interior - courts and running track

Gym interior - courts and running track

Soccer field with ball