Upper School students playing a game in the gym
Middle School students at a paint war activity covering each other in paint
Upper School students in the Delphian Cycling Club biking up the hill
Students buying food in the Delphian School Rec Room
Middle school students heading out for a hike on the Delphian campus
Upper School students talking and smiling in a dorm room
Elementary students on a bus to go on a field trip
Upper School student launches in into the beginning of a track relay race
Upper School student playing violin in the orchestra
Students relaxing in dorm lounge
Upper School students performing onstage in the Delphian Little Theater
Middle School student sanding a wooden model in the Makerspace

welcome home

Students and alumni often describe the Delphian community as their second family and the campus as their second home.

Our small community requires students to work together in the classroom, on academic and extracurricular projects, in the dorms, on our sports teams, in our choir and everywhere else.

Our vast campus provides a safe harbor for students to build their skills and expand their understanding of the world, free from discrimination or distractions. Coming together on a peer-to-peer level and looking out for each other is an integral part of our community. Encouraging peers to study, work hard and achieve success is normal. 

You would be hard-pressed to find a more mutually encouraging and supportive student body.

Meet a Delphian

Teacher helping a student in a classroom

Head of School at New Leaf Academy

"Delphian gave me the chance to lead, and most importantly, to fail as a leader. I made mistakes in leadership positions that I learned from. By the time I graduated Form 8 I had grown so much as a leader, so when it came to real life and real consequences, I was able to lead with confidence."

Read More about Korbin Springer , 2014
Roni Akilov, 2020

"The staff members look at us as young adults and not as children, and they treat us as if they were family relatives. They help us learn how to positively lead our own lives, they help us learn from our mistakes, they let us own our education, and they don't judge by what we want to do or be."

Read More about Roni Akilov, 2020

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