In Delphian's advisor program a faculty or staff member is personally dedicated to each student to provide extra care, knowledgable support and guidance for our students and their family. 

Keeping family closely involved is a vital part of our community.

Advisors usually begin to feel more like extended family as we believe that keeping an abundance of communication between students, their family and our advisors is a vital part of the success of our tight-knit community. 

elementary & middle school

Personal Teachers

All boarding students enrolling in the Elementary and Middle Schools are paired with a personal teacher (PT) who helps provide the extra care and attention students living away from home need.

PT's are a stable ally for parents in helping to oversee the welfare of their children and typically eat meals with and visit their students at bedtime. PT's spend time with their students on weekends, take them shopping for necessities and help guide their growing independence.

Above all, PTs are trusted friends for our students, someone they know they can go to for help when they need it.

upper school

Faculty Advisors

A faculty advisor (FA) provides knowledge, support, friendship and guidance to Upper School students in a variety of ways. A faculty advisor may take students into town for supplies, assist in making travel arrangements or sit down with them for a heart-to-heart conversation.

Because many FAs have two or three students assigned to them, close-knit friendships are often forged among FA groups. Regularly scheduled "FA nights" find the staff and students involved in an evening activity of their own creation. This could be dinner and a movie in town, a trip to Portland for shopping and sushi or a quiet meal and board games at the FA's home.