Delphian chef serves a student in the dining room

Delphian's daily meals are provided by SAGE Dining, the nation's leading provider of sustainable dining services, catering to discerning independent schools and private colleges.

SAGE serves three hot meals a day and creates custom menus that utilize the freshest seasonal produce.  Outside of mealtimes, students have access to our snack room which is stocked with fresh fruit options like oranges, apples, pears, and bananas; and sandwich making ingredients. The snack room is always open between meals for healthy snacks.


From Our Kitchen to Your Child’s Plate:

At SAGE, we believe in serving food cooked from scratch, made from fresh, raw ingredients, cooked by passionate and trained chefs who care about the environment. We roast our own deli meats, use the freshest local produce available, cage-free eggs, antibiotic- and hormone-free milk, trans fat-free oils, and MSG-free seasonings. Our chefs also prepare food in small batches to reduce food waste and minimize leftovers, while maximizing quality for from the first person served through the last person served.

salad bar in Delphian dining room
The salad bar in the Delphian dining room
The sandwich bar in the Delphian dining room
The buffet line in the Delphian dining room
The salad bar in the Delphian dining room
The beverage line in the Delphian dining room
Students getting food from the salad bar in the dining room
Students eating lunch in the dining room
Students getting food from the buffet line in the dining room
What’s On the Menu?

Our custom-tailored menus provide a one-of-a-kind experience for every meal. By customizing our menus for each area through student personalities and preferences, with many items locally sourced, we can provide unique dining experiences that reflect your regions tastes, flavors, and cuisines. All of our menus are inspected and approved by a team of certified dieticians before they can be served to our students.
Our online menus, and much more, is available 24/7 on our Touch of SAGE app. There you can view our menus, nutrition information, and our innovative allergen filter. This means that you can view:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly menu items
  • Assess the nutritional value of each item, based on its Spotlight Program dot color
  • Click on any item to check its detailed ingredients, and
  • Filter for any combination of up to 12 common allergens.

Our mobile app, Touch of SAGE, allows students to use their phones to get information about menus,
ingredient lists, our comprehensive allergen filter, and our new online ordering system. With the app they can view up-to-date school menus and detailed nutrition information for each menu item, “favorite” and
“recommend” menu items, rate and provide feedback on menu items, create a custom allergen profile, and see Delphian event dates, including upcoming “Educational Seasonings.”

What’s In Our Fridge?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day begins with the freshest, seasonal ingredients. We have partnered with local vendors, when available, to bring you fresh, seasonal food and produce in every delicious meal we prepare. SAGE is dedicated to buying locally sourced foods when they are available, in-season organic produce, and non-GMO meats, milks, and heavy creams when purveyors are large enough to service us. Many of our locally sourced dairy, cheeses, and produce come from farms here in Oregon and Washington. Over 35 items are locally sourced when available.

We will always choose organic produce and other items based on availability. All our beef is non-GMO. We
also always provide 2 to 3 vegan and vegetarian options daily in our Main Ingredient Station with many more options in our Improvisation Salad Bar. Our Classic Cuts Station offers access to a variety of options, along with 2 panini presses for your favorite vegan, vegetarian, or deli meat creations.

Let’s take a look at some of the delicious offerings we have in our dining room:

  • Organic produce/products in our Improvisation Station (always available at lunch and dinner) including:
    o Spring Mix
    o Arugula
    o Seasonal fruits
    o Mushrooms
    o Peppers
    o Carrots
    o Tomatoes
    o Radishes
    o Beets
    o Tofu
    **You can also put together a variety of vegan options here. The only limit is your imagination.**

  • Vegetarian and vegan options in our Main Ingredient Station:
    o Entrees
    o Soup
    o Green, fresh, and steamed vegetables

  • Classic Cuts from the Deli Bar (always available at lunch and dinner):
    o Quality sliced meats
    o Variety of local sliced cheeses
    o Tuna
    o Hummus
    o White and wheat breads
    o Gluten-free breads
    o Dave’s Killer Bread
    o Pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes
    o Homemade sauces

  • Cage-Free Eggs:
    o Hard boiled
    o Fried
    o Eggs Benedict

  • Dairy Free Options:
    o Soy Milk
    o Almond Milk

  • Gluten-Free:
    o Breads
    o Desserts
    o Muffins
    o Entrees
    o Soups and gravies are thickened with rice flour or corn starch to keep these gluten-free

  • Snack Room:
    o Sun Butter
    o Bananas
    o 2 types of apples
    o Oranges

  • Oils:
    o Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    o Olive Oil
    o The only time canola oil is used is in baked goods and home-made granola

The SAGE program is dedicated to providing culinary excellence and customer satisfaction. For more information, visit our website at or download the Touch of SAGE app.