Upper School students talking and smiling in a dorm room

Delphian has nine dormitories—five boys' dorms and four girls' dorms. Each dormitory is a community within itself.

On any given evening, Delphian dorms pulse with activity—students may be found reading an assignment for the next day’s literature seminar, planning an activity for the weekend or just hanging out with friends. 

Students eagerly anticipate the annual dorm skit night where each dorm performs as a group and competes with every other dorm in a comedy extravaganza.


Each dormitory is a working team, organized to keep the space clean and make it a place the students enjoy living in and can be proud of. 

Resident staff live in end units of each dorm, helping to provide a friendly, homelike environment for the students. There are daily staff check-ins in each dorm before bedtime and younger students are visited by their personal teacher each night.

Through our student leadership program student council members work as dorm and bathroom resident assistants under the guidance of the director of campus life, helping to build a warm community in each dorm and to help students learn to live and work well together.

Two students talking and smiling in a dorm room


Most rooms are designed for double occupancy, with access to shared bathrooms and laundry facilities. All of Delphian's dormitories are in the wings of the main building with the exception of Dragon Hall, an exterior girls' dormitory and community-use lounge and kitchen facility.

Dorm room furnishings include single beds (often bunked), dressers, desks, chairs, shelves and wardrobe space.

A selection of our most common dorm room layouts.

Double occupancy dorm room floor plan
Double Occupancy dorm room floor plan
Double occupancy dorm room floor plan
Single Occupancy dorm room floor plan
Double occupancy dorm room floor plan
Triple Occupancy dorm room floor plan

What to bring


There is a small campus store in the recreation room that stocks some basic supplies.