At Delphian we take part in a wide variety of elective activities outside the classroom.

Co-curricular classes, clubs and activities are offered in the afternoons, nights and weekends both on campus and in the local community. 

outside the classroom

In the afternoons students participate in dynamic classes such as music, art, theater, ceramic arts, choir, computers, creative writing, video production, photography, and woodshop. Physical activities include a variety of interscholastic sports such as soccer, volleyball, track and field, cross-country, basketball, softball and tennis, or personal conditioning classes like calisthenics training or power yoga.

overnight trips

Throughout the year there are several student-council-organized, multi-day trips including camping, hiking and exploring the Oregon coast; visiting Oregon's Shakespeare festival; and skiing and snowboarding on Mt. Hood.


On weeknights students put in extra study time, attend club meetings, spend time in the rec room or their dorm. Clubs are available for a variety of interests and could include cooking, glee club, writing club, robotics, coding, game design, space club, D&D and many more.

Weekends commence on Friday nights usually with a special activity in the rec room or a performance in our Little Theater. Saturday afternoon or evening there will be an activity or trip hosted by student council, such as a bonfire and capture the flag activity complete with s'mores, a visit to the beach,  a shopping trip to Portland, a  seasonal dance, or a community service activity in the local area to name a few.