Two Elementary school students studying in Delphian science lab


“For years, I have been struggling very much with writing. The writing course I did during Summer At Delphian was INCREDIBLY helpful for me. I am now able to write! I am very glad I was able to push through my challenges and finish it.” 

c.n. student

Fun, Challenging and Empowering

What makes Summer at Delphian truly unique is how students are taught. Students work independently in a structured classroom while their teachers supervise and advise — guiding and providing resources when needed. Key to making this work is a step-by-step learning guide designed to bring a student to a useful understanding of a specific subject.

study technology

We have found the only reason students fail to learn is because they have never been taught how to learn. A major part of our Summer at Delphian  program is help students learn how to successfully learn any subject.

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High school student studying in classroom

“We cannot say enough great things about the Summer at Delphian program. They use many different tools so the students really understand what they are learning. Attending this summer camp literally changed our daughter's life.” 

J.A. parent

Elementary school student studying in Delphian classroom

individualized program

Every student arrives at Summer at Delphian in a different place academically—ahead, behind, or most commonly, a combination of both. The individualized attention students receive allows them to catch up, get ahead or remedy a tough subject they’ve been facing during the school year.  

Subject Offerings

Elementary & Middle School

Upper School

*These courses have prerequisites.