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Weekend Adventures

“My favorite parts about Summer at Delphian is my friends and the adventures I get to have.”

S.H. Student

Exciting and Fun

The fun doesn’t stop on summer weekends as students embark on a variety of exciting adventures. Weekend trips include activities such as camping, carnival games, water activities  and more!

Summer at Delphian’s six-week summer program is broken into two three-week sessions. Students who come for all six weeks get a bonus weekend activity which includes a triathlon, carnival and food truck party. 

Note: Off campus weekend adventure trips are subject to change to on campus trips based on travel and safety guidelines.

Bonus Activity 

-For campers attending sessions 1 and 2-

July 16th - 18th 2021 

all school Camping & triathlon 

Campers staying 6 weeks will spend the night camping at the pond and participating in a school wide swimming, running and obstacle course triathlon. 

Safety First: We are optimistic about summer activities off campus while at the same time prepared to continue operating as a closed campus as we have during the 2020-21 school year.  The safety and health of our students is our priority. 

Opportunities: All Delphian’s facilities are located within our beautiful 720 acre campus, allowing students to maintain busy, balanced schedules on campus.

Family-Like Community:  Delphian’s community feels like a family where students are accepted for who they are and make friendships that last a lifetime. 

Support System: Students have a strong support system provided by our faculty, the majority of whom live on campus and provide 24/7 support, care and supervision.