Delphian's immersive arts program involves students of all ages in a range of options from choir to ceramic arts, film production to mural painting.

The arts provide an opportunity for our students to try new things, to learn discipline and the importance of practice. The arts provide a platform for students to expand their creativity, become stronger leaders, work together and build confidence in their ability to create an impactful communication through art.

Student's artistic endeavors are considered an essential part of our program.

Our art program is always expanding to nurture our students' interests through our dynamic choir and music program, extensive fine arts program, thrilling theater program and a bustling media and film production program. 

Upcoming Theater Performance

Art facilities 

  • Photo and video creative studio

  • Digital arts space

  • Two large art studios

  • Ceramics studio complete with electric kiln 

  • Performing arts theater

  • Music practice space 

  • Sound Stage and Recording Studio

  • Dance studio multipurpose space

  • Band room

  • Applied arts makerspace