Digital Art & Film Production

Elements of writing, photography, art, computers, music and more come together in our digital media and film production classes. Students are given the freedom to explore a wide variety of activities including writing scripts, shooting and editing videos, composing digital music, graphic design, digital art, etc.

Many of the weekend activities are promoted using videos that were written, shot and edited by students in the media studio with a wide array of equipment and software for their use.

Equipment includes top-of-the-line iMac workstations equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud, Canon and Panasonic DSLR cameras, and a variety of lighting and audio gear. The entire campus, including a sound stage, is open to students to film or photograph as part of their class or for a project they're working on in their free time.

the runner

A virtual music performance performed by our choir and recorded, edited and mixed by students as a tribute to the 2020 spring athletes who didn't get to compete.

what is freedom?

This video is the result of a student project originally created for the 100 Days to Freedom Competition sponsored by the Frederick Douglass Foundation.

In "Freedom Is..." Delphian School students speak on what freedom means to them, in their own words. The video took second place in the competition!

The April Fool

A student made film about Luca and his April Fools day pranks. 

stop motion animation

A selection of animated shorts created by our Elementary School students.

New Delhi, India

Delphian student Angad Chawla created this video of his home city of New Delhi, India as a project during his junior year.


This video was created by Mikai Karl as a senior project.

Seconds Of Beauty

"Seconds," a poem written by Delphian senior Geneva White, inspired two of Delphian's up-and-coming videographers. They shot the footage and edited together a stirring video to the words of Geneva's beautiful poem.

Why Do You Dance?

A Delphian student who loves to dance wanted to know why others enjoy this art. She asked, "Why do you dance?" Here are their answers.