Student Life at the Delphian School


24/7 learning environment

re-spon•si•bil•i•ty: (noun) having control over or care for someone;
being accountable for one's behavior; capable of being trusted.

Boarding school isn't about "sending your child away." It is about finding the place where your child will thrive. Delphian's residential program is a 24/7 learning environment that challenges students to develop decision-making skills, time management abilities, and a strong sense of independence and responsibility.

A purpose shared by all.

When a student joins the Delphian student body, they become a member of a very active and hardworking group that has the common goal of getting a good education. Having a common goal is what defines a group, but what keeps a group strong is its agreements—agreements about the goal, about how to conduct oneself within the group, and about how to treat others in the group.

Being a part of the Delphian community means giving help when needed, whether that means helping another student, a faculty member or even a piece of equipment. The nature of our program builds a unique camaraderie among our students, no matter their age or grade. Everyone works together to progress; everyone helps each other to learn.

No cliques. No criticism.

The Delphian community takes care to make everyone feel welcome—after all, it's their home, too. Much of Delphian's success is based on the team spirit of our community as a whole. We emphasize integrity and open communication between students, faculty and staff, as well as in the parent-school-student relationship.

A key to the success of our boarding program, which has been lauded as "a model residential program," is the robust participation of our students in student council. All Upper and Middle School students are required to hold positions of responsibility on their respective student councils as part of their academic programs.

Student council members do much of the weekend activity planning, but they also coordinate community service activities, help with tutoring in local schools, give tours to prospective families, assist with the school's social media, support our athletics teams, assist in the library and run study halls, make films for internal and external promotion, and tackle countless other positions of responsibility that help the school run smoothly. Delphian's student council is a fully functioning organizational body that is essential to our school's daily activity and a vital part of each student's educational program.

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