Delphian School Advisor Program

ADvisor Program

Supporting students and parents. Our family is your family.

Delphian School's advisor program was designed to provide an additional level of service to our families. In this program, a faculty or staff member is personally dedicated to each family. They're there for the student as well as for the parents, a go-between who is always available to assist with questions or concerns, to help a child who needs a little more love and care, and to provide knowledgeable support and guidance for both students and their families.

Because the needs of our families often involve extra hours that fall outside of a normal work day, the staff and faculty who participate in Delphian's advisor program do so on a volunteer basis. They volunteer because of their own personal interest in helping children and a desire to support our families in every way possible.

Delphian parents are never without someone they can contact at any time regarding the welfare of their child.

Faculty Advisors

A faculty advisor (FA) is a member of the Delphian faculty or staff who provides adult friendship and guidance to help Upper School students in a variety of ways. A faculty advisor may take students into town for supplies, assist in making travel arrangements or sit down with them for a heart-to-heart conversation.

The FA is a stable point of contact for the student's parents: answering questions, coordinating meetings with the student's academic teacher or supervisor, and keeping the parents updated on their child's progress through the program.

Because many FAs have two or three students assigned to them, close-knit friendships are often forged among FA groups. Regularly scheduled "FA nights" find the staff and students involved in an evening activity of their own creation. This could be dinner and a movie in town, a trip to Portland for shopping and sushi, a quiet meal and board games at the FA's home, or even an overnight camping trip at the Oregon coast.

Personal Teachers

Because children of elementary and middle school age need a greater level of care and attention than older students, all boarding students enrolling in the Elementary and Middle Schools are assigned personal teachers (PT).

The PT is a faculty or staff member who helps provide the extra care and attention needed by a child of this age group who is living away from home. PTs assist the parents by overseeing the welfare of younger boarding children in a variety of ways.

PTs eat most meals with their students. They oversee their schedules, visit with them at bedtime and spend time together on weekends. They're available to help these younger students in their burgeoning independence by assisting them from time to time with their laundry or perhaps by helping them to make healthy choices at meals. Above all, PTs can be trusted friends to the children, someone they know they can go to for help when they need it.

PTs maintain direct communication with the parents concerning the child's growth and development while at the school. They regularly update the parents on the student's progress through the program as well as any snags or bumps they may be experiencing. It is the role of the PT to assist the parents in the raising of their child even as it is the role of the school to assist the parents in their children's education.

A successful community such as Delphian's isn't possible without keeping the family closely involved. Therefore, an abundance of communication among students, parents, and the personal teacher is not merely helpful, but vital. Our parents play an indispensable role in the Delphi Program.