Living at Delphian

Explore. Study. Thrive.

Delphian's residential community is in constant motion, alive with students from all around the world busily pursuing their interests. The nature of the Delphi Program encourages students to follow their passions, as well as to develop new ones.

Academics are, of course, a huge part of each weekday, but once classes are finished, our students jump into a variety of afternoon activities—sports, music, art, drama, photography and many more elective courses—to keep them challenged. Evenings can be just as busy as the days, since our campus is home to a host of clubs, from coding, robotics, and space clubs to cooking, writing and art. No matter where your interests lie, you'll find a place at Delphian to explore them.

In their downtime, Delphian students might get together with friends in the recreation room, work on their jump shots in the gym, participate in a choir sectional, get in some extra study time, or just relax in the dorm.

One thing’s for sure: our students never have to look too far to find a friend, a study partner, or a teammate.