Student service

ex•change: (noun) doing something for someone or giving something to someone and receiving something in return

Delphian's student service program is designed to give students experience in doing different kinds of jobs as a part of a group. As part of this program, students work with other students and staff to create a functioning, well-run school. The student service program teaches lessons in hard work, gives a student the experience of holding a position of responsibility in a group, and helps them learn about and experience workplace situations that more closely relate to the real world. It also serves to allow the student to make a valuable and productive contribution back to the school community in exchange for everything the community gives to him or her.

Through the student services program, students contribute to the operation and maintenance of the school for fifty minutes each weekday and a few hours on the weekend. Student services are scheduled so as to avoid interference with the student’s academic program.

When beginning the program, students may be assigned simple jobs like washing dishes, sweeping the hallways or cleaning areas of the school. When a student demonstrates the ability to work hard and create good effects in their jobs, they are promoted to an “in charge” or “I/C” position. As the I/C of a student service, the student becomes responsible for a group of students working together to improve some area of the school. There are many different types of student service I/C positions.

In general, the student service program gives students chances to build leadership skills, to develop responsibility and to grow by experiencing success and failure in a safe and supportive environment. Students experience learning from mistakes and trying again; and at the higher levels, they develop a broadening willingness to be in positions of leadership and responsibility.

Student Council

Once students have accomplished the goals of the student service program and have shown their (ability to hold a position of trust and responsibility) responsibility and trustworthiness at this level, they are promoted to a position in Student Council.

Delphian's Student Council is a governing body consisting of the top-performing students in the academic and practical areas. These students work with the faculty and staff at Delphian to create a functioning, well-run school. Student Council members may be Dorm Captains (known elsewhere as "proctors") in the student residential program. Their role is to maintain discipline, help students who need advice or care, and ensure cleanliness and order in their dormitory.

Student Council members work in the community, setting up and manning tutoring projects, drug awareness and other community service programs. Student Council members work within the school to run after school study halls, student activities on the weekends, fundraising efforts, and so on. There is hardly an area within the school where a Student Council member won't be found either running it or helping a staff or faculty member to do so.

Delphian's Upper School Student Council includes approximately 60 students, starting at the Form 6 level. In order to graduate, a student must participate in and successfully contribute to the Student Council program. Although this part of the program is a requirement, students are not automatically granted Student Council membership, nor are they elected onto the Student Council by popular vote. Based on available positions, the Head of Co-Curricular (a faculty position) and the President and Vice President of Student Council will invite those who have met the standards required to be invited. Students have the option to decline or accept any position of responsibility offered to them.

Once a student has been invited to join the Student Council, they are given basic training to help them become successful in their new position. From that point, students are expected to fully take charge of their position, to challenge themselves to create good results, and to become leaders in the student body.

In their senior year, when a Student Council member has done an outstanding job on their position, they may be invited to participate in the Student Outreach program.